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Character Arts for Facebook
Character Arts to be posted on Facebook!

Hey folks!

I'm looking to share Character Arts onto the Sindome Facebook page, though I don't want to just take pictures from the Character Arts thread and post them. So we're going to use this thread as a way for you to submit your Character Art to be shared on the Sindome Facebook page.

This way we can ensure that you're happy with your art being posted (Only post it in this thread if you are happy for it to be posted, otherwise post here: and we have a fresh feed of character art to be posted.

Thanks for your contributions!

There ya go.


Hard choice.

I had a really hard time choosing just one to post here. :P

So I decided to go with something I drew, even though I think other artists might have done better work of my character!

These are really good, keep them coming!

The first one get's posted today.

Second image has been posted!

Avarius Pike

"You must be new here, mijo."

Full color version with a quote.


Keep them coming, the third one has been posted:

Another one posted!

I need more, keep them coming!

I'm sure old characters are fine?

Sigh, try #2

ok so 'upload' doesn't work...

Hope ya'll don't mind Tony's Pizza and Tony's Soda.

Oh, and obscene hand gestures.

Boom! Sixth addition added to the album. Check it out here

I had some time today and wanted to give back to the community, so I did some char art. This one is for Revex! I'm sharing these here so they can go on FB if y'all want.

Wow, Supermarket, that's gorgeous!

Ty! Next up:

Fuck me she looks dope as hell.

All these moments, lost in time...thanks to everyone who jumped in while I drew! It was fun drawing you. I have one more to do, an archetype picture.

This kid's seen a lot of combat. My take on the 'street samurai' portrait:

Excellent job! xD

Holy shit!

The seventh has been posted!

check it out here -

Keep them coming!

Last one!

Do you do commissions, Supermarket? I'd love to have one done.

As would I, your art is amazing.

Me too! Art trade?

Art trade is best due to our rules of keeping identity secret around here. SO here is how you can get a portrait: do some art of someone else's character so they can have something to. You cannot draw anyone I've drawn before. Existing work you've done in the past cannot be used as "payment". Even if you feel you can't draw, let's see you try!

Gorgeous work! I want in too :)

As for the thread itself: it's not exactly just a character per se, but El Dromo.

After this week is done, I promise to do my char and others. Just gotta get through finals first.

Eighth post has been posted!

Check it out here:

Keep them coming!

Omg plz stop supermarmet.

Two new posts have been submitted to the Facebook page!

Check them out here:

Tossing this recent commission in for consideration.

Cranky corporate decker, by Amika.

Comp is dead so I drew in my sketchbook this time! This is Gypsy.

Thanks so much, I love it! <3

The tenth in the character arts album on Facebook!

Take two

Another one posted!

Keep 'em coming!

Heres my contribution, though not drawn by me

Thirteenth has been posted! Another by SuperMarket!

Keep 'em coming folks!