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Character Arts Thread VI
Electric Bogaloo number 6: A New Hope

Starting a new thread because the previous one was fairly excessive already.

Reminder that you can send your art anonymously to [email protected] and it will be posted by a Staff member.

Below is one of such pieces.

(Edited by Mench at 1:01 pm on 11/18/2020)

For some reason I thought that was Sasuke for a second.
V good! I like this.
Wear a mask!

Submitted via [email protected]

Some more Artbreeder but third person perspective instead of portrait.

Trigger discipline's for nerds.

Submitted via [email protected]

my boy

by megara @ A&C

by ms_pigtails, 100% worth the money

Thru' another picrew app

With a little help from artbreeder
only a sketch, but I've waited two months for it

Anonymous submission.

(Edited by Slither at 8:34 am on 12/24/2020)

(Edited by Slither at 8:34 am on 12/24/2020)

Trying this. Uhm A lot of help, Pencil, and colored pens.

Thru djarn's character maker on picrew.

Thinking of doing that Citizens of Withmore thing Manywaters is doing, but not daily and named NPCs instead of imaginary ones. Might be fun and god knows I need to learn.

But until then, more character art.

That looks awesome, Sly!
Submitted via the electronic digit snail mails or whatever it is you kids call it these days.

Caption: Not perfect and I'm too cheap to pay to remove the watermarks but it's a start!

First of a series of things I promised to a group a bit back. More to come!
Watch this link not work.

Admittedly not my own drawing, that will come (eventually). Picrew kinda wild, though

Wow Ryuzaki - that looks amazing! Which piccrew is this?

By hyanide at Artists & Clients.

That's wicked.
Thanks! I agree. I'm super satisfied.
Super cool, Veleth. Love that color scheme.
Same! Thank you! \o/

it him

him.... in HD......

The difference between 6'0 and 5'11...

Half-assed a lot of this, but whatever.

With guests.

Is this... squad?!
They look great!
Come at me.

Come at me... again.

No tanks. 10/10, wood die
Is that HeroForge? Now I wanna make a model of my character.
Started with a little portrait conceptualizing my character and got carried away, was a fun drawing:


It works pretty good.

Submission through the emails.

Artwork by coffeeandbiscuits on DA

Varolokkur - That is bloody beautiful!
The piece Mench posted is amazing.


Thanks Mench! Nice pun too. That piece you posted is pretty damn solid, fits the character description beautifully.
that anon submission is perfect :>

had a go at heroforge

Friend made this for me! Character's kinda plain for now, but hopefully they get a bit more exciting as things go on.

(Edited by Mench at 6:29 pm on 2/27/2021)

Heroforge lets you do colors now?!

Sweet Heroforge.

(Edited by Mench at 2:24 pm on 2/28/2021)

Ok WOW Heroforge is amazing! After playing around with it for a bit I got these perfect pictures:

...and my favorite:

Link was broke.


Yo, HeroForge is awesome. Really happy with how this turned out!

(Edited by Mench at 4:18 pm on 3/1/2021)

I was encouraged to make one of these. Enjoy a heckin NERD.

Mic drop
Mic drop
Another from the Anonymous Character Arts Helpline Email Pigeon Mail Address:

Credit: Artwork by coffeeandbiscuits on DA

Another anonymouse addition through the interweb mails:

Drawn by JovanaDraws on Etsy.

Lovin' these anon submissions.
Memories of people I can't remember, part one.

Memories of people I can't remember, part two.

Local idiot gets into trouble.

This picrew maker done by yomi043 on twitter

Anonymouse Post from the electronic mail delivery system: [email protected]

By SvleenArtCommission on Etsy

At first I thought that said Shit Volcano.

Love the art though. :P

Managed to finally finish this piece after -way- too long.
Managed to finally finish this after -way- too long.
RIP x2
There, that is what dawnshot is trying to post.
That.. looks.. *amazing*.
This piccrew template is too cute not to post. for those wondering.

i am a slave to picrews

god dammit i am also a slave to picrews.

whoops, didn't go the first time

Man, I'm always jumping on bandwagons

How corpies see themselves


How they are.

credit: Ars.Caput

How corpies see themselves



There's a really neat and free character creator that Unreal released for free. You have to sign up and sometimes wait to use it, since it is in trial, but it is pretty neat. Will attempt to post a couple images below. Here's the link the character generator, though. Please remove if not allowed.

Closest I could get to a certain dead media star.
They don't have many beard options, but here's a decent one.


One more for the wagon?

Metahuman creator is pretty neato

Why it so small tho
Oh wow! I sent them a request to join early access, myself. Looks awesome. Still doubt they'll let me do every detail I want.. I'm very picky about hair.
Yeah the options are pretty sparse but there's some possibilities here
I'm seriously curious about it, though. I wonder if it's gonna be free in the long run. Would be nice to follow the updates, maybe they'll add more content. This'll probably become another BGBB trend amiright? Like picrew and Artbreeder. XD
Its the people from Unreal, so yes, it will be.
so long as they don't shut it down and keep building it out it is 100% going to be a tend lol
Many of the variations are standardized and there aren't many hair options yet, but it look very promising.

How long does it usually take for an early access request to get accepted?

While I wait, I thought I'd play around with another piccrew -

Whilst waiting for my commish.. might as well..

A blast from the past.

Feel like we'll need a VII thread soon.

Another two just 'cuz.

I feel like a Picrew specific thread would be of benefit.
Sounds perfect.
Memories of people I can't remember, part three.

i was given approval for metahuman in less than a day, and haven't had to wait much. as mentioned above, some of the choices are sparse, but it's pretty neat for a free thing.
aRt, wOaH!

Art credit to jessastre on ArtStation.


unrelated but i really love the art 0x1mm has been posting, despite not recognizing the characters (which I think is the theme)

*kicks u*

Let's see if this works...

(Edited by Mench at 3:20 pm on 5/9/2021)

Yes! I love it
Close enough...

Now, that turned out quite small... let's try it again.

Love it!
We really could use a VII.
Am jealous of all you talented artists and your great jobs!

Character art commissioned by someone and sent into the anonymouse art submission electronic email form.

You can find the artist here:

don't we have a more recent thread?