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Sindome M E M E S III
Reaching that data limit again...

Hope y'all don't mind me making a new meme thread in time with the Character Arts 3.0 thread.

Not me, but made me think of SD:

don't get offended it's a meme

Anybody? Nobody?


PubSIC be like

Homestuck sounding like Sindome...


Please delete if this is going too far with IC stuff. Just something that struck me as odd today.

Yakuza memes.

Dead. :D

When you pay a solo to kill someone and see the victim Kev "flee north" on SIC.

Shabby squat males with high charisma

When your corpie finally gets the last piece of paydata they need

you know who you are

Don't they both get raised at the same time?
ctrl-c'ing your insults so you can ctrl-v them out midcombat

These are quite funny but some are bordering on IC. Please keep your memes free of specific ic info and general to the experience of Sindome :)
Watching high INT characters be complete and total idiots

Johnny doesn't like gifv apparently

Solos with crazy high perception be like

The secret behind biomodding revealed.

Missing a high up roofhop.

when one of your chums betrays you just because it'll cause some shit

When a former enemy reminisces with you.

When someone's sharing their @history with you and you're trying to come up with things to say...

Ynk, while I appreciate your memes, I don't know the anime.

What is it... and more importantly, is it good?!

That is Avatar: The Last Airbender, not technically an anime, but it is very good.
Avatar: The Last Airbender.

A summary of "boy discovers superpowers and is charged with saving the world" just doesn't do justice to how much care they put into the world, the lore, and the characters.

It's... amazing. I can't stress how well-written it is. And it's only 3 seasons long! I just started rewatching it recently, and there's never a moment I'm not excited about.

[/url]" />
[/url]" />
Sorry for the spam guys. I'll go back to playing with my legos now.
@Ironmanticore that's fantastic.

> push open on n

You push the open button on the door to the north.

The door to the north opens.

> n

You can't move while sitting down.

quick meme posting


When you try to take down that bitch on gold...

This is Weather Report Girl, a 1994 yuri anime with so much espionage it reeks SD theme...

How topside hiring decisions are made...

When you betray your ace but still have plans for them...

When your plot actually works for once...

There's so much more, but most of it is too scandalous for the BgBB!

NLM tests its latest weapon

Truly a work of art.
Ty, I hope it can teach and inspire immies for generations to come :)
I knew this discussion would be more productive in the memes thread.

Good work RhaeGhe.

*RheaGhe, sorry :/
Accidentally reversed the lawful evil and neutral evil section though, ah well.
XD damn, wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say, but yep.
@RheaGhe, Bingo Freebie should be 'Nothing in life is free, RP accordingly'.
This is true.
Trying to teach Juniors how to act

When u tryin to make small talk but all u been doin is crimes

When you show her that extended barrel and compound silencer kit you put on your hand cannon


I like how you didn't choose a photo from his last year or something. Because oldbies in Sindome aren't just OP, they're also p damn CRAZY.

Or, well, it's not uncommon anyway. ^^"

Or wait, I misread that. 40th character.

Not sure how I misinterpreted that. Welp.

People want original stuff? ^^

Sorry for doublepost.

Actually I found that one in a D&D meme dump.

So many of the D&D memes are subverted in SD and I love it! I tried so hard to get into RPGs of any kind but none of them met my needs. Then I somehow found Sindome and have fallen in love ever since.

Showin off your new kicks from that immy tailor:

When u don't even believe in what ur sellin:

Sound advice in Withmore:

When your ace kool meets you at GeneTek...

> in

> e

> look e

To the east, you see a badass who would love to break your face in.

> stop moving

> out

Mr. Withmore's Wild Ride

I will trash some stuff one day... I promise.

How it feels hitting the curve.

Candyman blues

Saw the bucket hat, made me remember Lear and Loathing.

Swords users be like
Starved for RP?

When you get on pubSIC to let everyone know your best bro cained on you

when the splicers start their shit again

I can't tell any of them apart!
This one goes out there to all my fellow noobs. We nothing together, fam.

tf am I even doing here tho

So real you don't even know

Watching SIC. Just taking it all in

When youre new and you finally realize what your charisma actually probably looks like

The ultimate plot

PubSIC be like

Immy runner getting brought into a plot:

when the GMs surprise you at login with that dune dragon encounter you've been wanting

That Immy going on an adventure one tickled me nicely Ynk
Thanks. 😁

So Ea-nasir sounds like some permed oldbie, and the archaeologists are people who rented his old apartment:

Cricket owners

When SIC blows up about a sleepy character who finally does some shit

When you run into your ace kool and it's been a while.


Cordoba Wellness Clinic be like

When you CM something that was obviously supposed to be part of a phone call:

When the last PC of a biz gets permed:

When the vats take a while

SHI advertisements be like

When drek gets serious and the RP shakes kick in

IC / OOC crossover

2nd try

Here lol

You need a link ending with ".jpg" or ".png"

@good-answer Diani
Every single one of us

Saw this and immediately thought of a couple femmeboys in game.


How to miss out on plots:

^^^ every single day

When your realize the Mixer solo you on-boarded for CorpSec might not work out:

Harsh Times. Great movie.

I knew you'd like that, Grizzly.
It works on a lot of levels

looool yes HC

I knew that show would be an SD meme goldmine

i love it
I'm just curious. Why doesn't mobius have a head in that photo?

Splicer uprising

New hosting site, I surrender
Here friend.

Hahahah thanks
Me after accidentally dropping paydata:

The character I was talking to:

cool game for you and your corpsec friends

@ynk wp
When someone sells you paydata on something only you witnessed

Mixer's first trip to the sewers.


Through the haze and fog to the up you can barely see no one.

ViriiSoma ads be like

Grizzly I love your memes 😂
The truest meme ever. Also, all of you have waaay too much spare time on your hands.
One more for the lolz

'messy SIC is a themely treasure'



via Imgflip Meme Generator
via Imgflip Meme Generator
via Imgflip Meme Generator
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2.9 years
via Imgflip Meme Generator
I enjoy these memes so much, I tried to make my own.

I love all of these. 😂
Seriously. I was trying to go to sleep last night but just kept looking over all these recent submissions because I couldn't stop giggling. Bravo, memers. Stay spicy!
Bar RP

via Imgflip Meme Generator
"Who could have done this to such a sweet person!?"

Logging in to Sindome be like

The ideas forum:

delete button pls :(

Disguise: Terrible

Stealth: Terrible

@Vera: I lost it when I imagined Johnny as the producer. 🤣
via Imgflip Meme Generator


Jakes are black and chrome my man.
Oh, sorry , I am used to all of the old WJF graphics that were in GOLD
via Imgflip Meme Generator
Oldbies be like

We had to walk uphill in the snow both ways to perm nubz

Courting that flash mano/mona when they are already dating someone.

The full Sindome experience:

@ynk Haha, that is amazing! Should've added a text that says 'staff' above the cats and 'player' above the rodent.
YNK your memes are fire!
SD rivalries be like:


Staff watching OOC chat" />

Stealth build immigrant sees: You crouch low and do your best to remain hidden.

What other players see:

am i doing this right

More of that OOC / IC crossover

Mix life.

Second try on that OOC / IC crossover

9000 hours in mspaint

Judge Steele and the carrots of vast disappointment takes me back.
I don't understand

And that makes it great.

I do understand and that makes it so much better.
The carrot. 🤣

*internally screaming*

Too accurate, Ynk, too accurate.

When you survive risky situations multiple times in a short timespan

You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.


SHI be like

When your favorite joy gets all suicidal over SIC

Character is described as highly alert, agile, and very muscular, yet shortdesc says Average Mano... but character is actually using @holdback:

I'm sorry @staff, I did not know.

I'm dead. 😆
Expert photoshopper, super memer.


And thank you for not replacing the cups with dildos.


I laughed.

I swear, every time I log on with a ton of time and go out looking for cool shit to do, nothing happens and everyone is busy.

When I log on to just check gridmail or make sure I closed the door, I get pulled into an all-night ride of drama and death.

this meme is meant for specific high IQ individuals only

Honk if you see your character

Too many roast beasts for that Russian! You know who you are!
The guy on the right reminds me of Bonehead.
Scanning the ground for feetsies. The fucking legend.
Ranger has true taste


Same here! What you said about Grizzly's meme.


Honestly, when I look for RP everywhere and don't find any, I idle for maybe 30 minutes, and then come back to having been called several times and people trying to interact with me. But this 'idle at work' meme is very relatable, still. ^^"

Also that Stephen Hawking max intelligence, minimum agility thing. Awesome.

re: @Grizz's meme.... I think you all are missing the message.

re: @ynk

I'm just, speechless. And in awe. And slightly disturbed. Where the heck did you find that? And where are those people?