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Sindome Memes 4
It’s getting long over there

Fresh start

I'm so mad you didn't follow the naming convention of the previous meme topics, Grizzly. 😛

This is America pal.

I don’t need your map.

This guy plays Sindome.

Guys, stop, I'm not supposed to laugh this loud at work.

Which reminds me I got some memes to drop later.

When it's been five minutes since you reminded SIC you're a dog splicer

listen here wench


This one is inspired by something Sly said, but I agreed with it so much that I was internally screaming.

It seems that the bitch boards hate me.

via Imgflip Meme Generator

at sour's request

Definitely choked on my drink with the last two.

"hah there's so many lesbians" every freaking time 🤣

I found the Book of Law

Aight I made my own too.

I hate fish.

(Also @DoveCage it be like that every time.)

This new format is fucking killing me, post more

the 'i only suck dick on occasion' one had me dying

Knives or swords


everybody on SIC:

All aboard the Sindome ride

*Chuckles in sympathetic agony*

It's the "Anor" in there that slayed me.

I decided to think on what typical review sites for video games would say about Sindome, and got a laugh out of what my brain came up with.

"It really makes you FEEL like Ecksman." -IGN

This is your Story! -500/5 -Gamefaqs

There was one way to describe it, cumbersome, though the devs had clearly taken the time to attempt to clarify interface, the method of playing the game still felt too weighty, and yet, still lacking punch. -Eurogamer

The Russian facebook gopnik troll mafia had invaded even here. -Vice Gaming.

I like it, it's a clear expression of a dark and gritty reality, that also forsakes modernities inequality. Shame most of the players are utter assholes though. -The Mary Sue.

Seriously I've read way too much games media.

Oh, god. It IS the Dark Souls of text based games....



It was from a certain event that was funny but aight

It is unacceptable how hard I just laughed at that one, Rhea. I snorted. It was embarrassing.

[++] 52 new posts on Ideas

Petite immigrants in the mix: "I like it down here!"

- giggles playfully.

gdi vera

tfw you come back to the bgbb and see 20+ new posts on an ideas thread

Some idea threads be like

ynk is taking over memes and I'm into it.

this works both ic and ooc

da share zone is da best zone 😁

Immy mechanics, someday:

>62 new posts in Ideas


When there is a good suggestion posted in the ideas forum after some drama

Please no

What have you done?

This sounds very much like something a Withmore citizen would do, @Grizzly666.

When u get invited to the party at KMB but you wear prog cloth shoes:

Ugh ynk. That one got me. xD

When you go corporate.

Bo staffs are fine. Your poncho and wizard staff is totally on theme! Just kidding!

Oh shit... I am laughing way too hard at that @crashdown...

As someone who remembers taking way too much No Doz to get through grad school....the flashbacks....

when you read the moosex guide

I should be sleeping but I found this format somewhere else, and needed to make something like this with it.


when someone returns from @OOC stealthed


@HolyChrome, on point as always.


Deciding what to write on a brand new e-note

Dumping strength on a starting character

I had to read that three times before I realized...

The Ideas thread be like...

I wuz just idle bantering in that ideas thread Grizzmeister don't take it so personal this cool bro I know thinks u should shower have a white claw and totes chillax :))))))))))))))


@Grizzly, that meme was a serious slow burn but god, it got me good.

Yo Grizz, never forget the streets of RED...... Shit...

Fresh GoTo comes in:


But do they tho

When your boss is a Splicer

every mugging in the mix be like

The occasional reactions of people not interested in moosex to people making passes at a bar.

Finding an old e-note at your new pad...

Max-UE characters stealing crates from immies like

When that max UE boyfriend comes back after a 2 year vacation.

"Don't answer that, bruh. There ain't no right answer." 🤣

Mega-church in 2104





Some people are blessed by Anor's divine touch.

Some people get ordained at the AnorsSeventhChurchofGimmeChy node a 4am after too much gutter-grade marcy and ONLY ANOR JUDGE CAN JUDGE THEM

rhea i think i know what that meme refers to and i laughed my ass off

Female PCs be like

What have I become

When a mixer sneaks onto a lev up to Green.


There, link works.

Limmy bringing the quietly profound class commentary.

fooken yoker

More like pubSIC accents: oh Anor

I think I understood 5% of that video. x_X

3 slither memes in a row, 0 Anorawful 7x puns. My disappointment is immeasurable.

When the Immy takes a swing on the max UE solo.

Gifs don't work...