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Sindome Memes 5
the beginning of the end

last thread is long enough

Whenever I hear people on SIC talking about eating fancy food in the mix:

When your corpie friend starts a fall from grace

Trying to post constructive criticism on the Ideas board without seeming like a grognard vet

Meme squad

When the Veteran gate keepers see a new idea and assemble to protect the status quo

Team Status Quo heard you didn't believe they were legendary badasses

Lmao tell me these are random memes and not event-inspired
Event inspired sorry to say :(
How cyberpunkish of them.
Yeah, I know, she didn't deserve to be sassed. :P
The meme squad goes undercover to find the salty villain who posed as a guest

Lol BigArg
Hahaha. You guys are good at this.
Lol HC at the Mugato one

Am I doing this right?

Grizzly I lost it. XD
Lol Talon
FTFY Trakel

Thanks Talon. :)
Don't ruin meme thread it's all we got

These memento names really get me sometimes.

In recent memory, I saw Ben Begay topside, and Chukwubiukem Rhea (a sinner memento.)

Ah man, I forgot to resize it. Oh well
someone do a harold meme
when people start taking things too seriously

when you had someone on escort but they still get grappled away from you

when the immy makes it clear they have a permapad so you know they're an OG


SICAD be like that

SIC Puppy.
Oh of course!
Oh it cuts deep.
Thrift shop clothes

Wageslave splicers be like

Corpies getting mixers to kill corpies for them....

Error 404

when you get to see a character devolve in real time

OOC Chat this month

Introducing your friends to Eternalism

^ We need more guy with mustache throwing chair memes in here!
Memes are fun. However, I would ask that the salt be reigned in.
When you forget to tell your coworkers you got mods

YNK that last meme is borderline IC info. Please be more careful in the future.

Vera, I'm not joking and don't appreciate my reasonable ask turned into one.

Whoops! 😮

I've deleted it. 😅 Might take a little while to disappear.

Corp-living be like..

Wow I totally failed, re-try. Sorry, I'm just a Junior Meme Poster. :^)


Lol I can relate to that tiny joker dance so much @HolyChrome. The feeling when an enemy dies, but you didn't do it, celebrate to yourself.

@Grizzly Man, that is so on-point. Trying to justify picking up freebies from the ground to yourself, because why not?

Too soon?

Too soon? (take two)

So true @Rangerkrauser

When your mix gang decides to bomb their own turf

naked immies introducing themselves with only the head @naked done

When someone SICs you about a plot and mentions horrible possible outcomes the GMs haven't considered yet

You all make me giggle.
The real reason to fill out @personality:

people don't think it be like it is

That's a paddlin'.
Y'all know what I'm saying.

Immies daily life

damnit, tiny
Also, nothing against the accents. I enjoy them. Just saw a meme opportunity.

And sorry for the triple post, a disclaimer seemed appropriate.


When your disguise slips in the middle of moosex and he finds out you are just a hairy guy in a dress and not his svelte trophy wife

Mixers telling staff it's time to prune some bank accounts.

How it feels sometimes

When pubSIC starts getting nasty.

The vast majority of mixers

When PDS be buggin

immy joygirls

tfw you're .01 away from a raise to the next adjective

When immies date

Found an oldbie

Immies beating immies to death with snack foods

When you're fresh through the Gate and you ask the wrong chummer where to find a good time...

Non-NLM artists without a crew be like

Your nostalgic criminal friends when they spot your heel-turn corpie ass:

When the has-been talks down on you.

This is my first meme EVER. Enjoy.
Things learned from @review-cloth

doing research before making a corpie

It has not aged well. I should have kept my memories instead of re-watching a few years ago.
Burst out laughing at that YNK.
Amazing, @ynk. And relatable.

When you find out Johnny and Slither don't actively play

When you forget to change your @lp


What public affection RP look like to bystanders

(Warning: Video is very fucked up)

When you're a grizzled solo and that immy starts talking shit on SIC to you:

One more from the same source, because why not:

When you're trying to figure out who the shrouded chum was who did your ace cool in:

When you plot the perfect demise for your character

When you want to show your support for the WJF and NLM at the same time

When your ace kool goes up the food chain.

I found the Sindome shipping chart

When you tryna get stuffs from your "aspiring fixer" friend.

@ynk That chart is gold. Next paydata project xD
A Gulag vet feeding an immy their first meal at 100 Rads


too real? too soon?

Mentoring the 1-month immy who got robbed of everything:

The official dip tune. Now featuring grid 2.0 graphics package.

Falling in love in Withmore

mixer delivery runners

Wow, I'm rolling with these two, that prank call is genius.
people complaining about too many lesbians IC

Giving advice to the friend that have just become a corpie.

>people thinking corpies give up crimes

hazbin hotel meme. love it when class seeps into the board.
Spin the wheel to find out what's on today's episode of Sindome.

How the dart tournament will end after the winner is announced.

Mix doctor reviews

Goddamn, the longer I play here, the more true these memes become.
We've got competition

I once turned on the OOC channel and it was the worst 5 minutes of my life :)
It happens.

trying to get plots off the ground

bringing your date to the suicide booth <3 <3 <3 <3

oldbies be like

When you suck at writing but your tailoring is at professional

I would actually wear that and you can't stop me.

Letterkenny x Sindome memes... Be still, my heart!
HA Dovecage. All of the yes.
Ahahaha. 😁
When someone tells you to dump a ton of UE and chy into a new skill

Ynk, pls repost. I am incomplete without your memes.
When someone tells you to dump a ton of UE and chy into a new skill

There are two wolves inside each SD player...

First time practicing against softy

Found a Sindome player.

Getting the crew together, and realizing there's only one competent fighter among you.

Dammit, Ranger, you beat me to the baby yoda memes.

I feel personally attacked but I don't know why.
Ranger, I am dying.