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Sindome pet peeves
Just for fun

What are some funny things that make you squint your eyes at your screen and grind your teeth in Sindome?

*Nobody is saying you are right or wrong if you do these things.

Mine is spelling out abbreviations or phone numbers.

Why are you making this difficult for the both of us?

youre trailing someone and all of a sudden, out of nowhere

You reveal your hiding location and step into plain view.

One on one bar RP where both are absolutely ignoring everyone else and having a long winded paragraph emote conversation that nobody else is involved with.
Having to enter a direction multiple times, after waiting for your character to start moving there. Especially when trying to follow someone.
input lag that messes up your grenade throw so you end up nading yourself
Smallworlding, especially on things like the Grid.

"The Globe hasn't put out an article in 4 months!" is one I see pretty commonly. I like to imagine they do, it's just usually shit like "This summer's top 10 biomods" or other column bullshit.

Yeah, being in a bar and things are happening, including emote loudly and there is that one or two that see or hear nothing of it because they have not been addressed.
Yeah, being in a bar and things are happening, including emote loudly and there is that one or two that see or hear nothing of it because they have not been addressed.
Oh, definitely the spelling out thing. And heavy accents on SIC. I know it's CP but sometimes I don't want to think that hard to understand someone's thoughts.

People responding to SIC typos / basic grammar slips. SIC isn't text, you bakas.
people who never log off even when idle/sleeping/not in front of their pc
unconventional methods of fleeing that leave your attacker still in combat and having to flee too before they can pursue you.
magic escape rooftops
tube traffic
Yesssss. Characters who's charisma don't match their descriptions.

Also...Identifying chars solely by their accents.


That is another one for me too.

People that go totally idle mid conversation without notifying in ooc.
+9000 Jameson.

SIC is phonetic. Hearing people constantly complain about accents when they sound close enough to normal.

Not commenting on accents that literally take a dictionary and five minutes to figure out. Those can be fun, or extremely annoying, context depending.

Also, trying to chase someone down and seeing this:

You can't fight while walking.

You can't fight while walking.

You can't fight while walking.

You can't fight while walking.

"I'm" in poses
Double spaces after periods. It is 2019, we are not using typewriters. Aaagh
Oh, just use I .am in poses and it fixes the I'm thing.
investing in a new character only to have them suddenly booth.
Players that pretend to know everything IC and are actually just googling everything ooc
Oh yeaa, @necronex. Like when somebody explains something to you via OOC and you're like, well now I can't be a dick to you ICly, because that might mean I'm being a dick OOCly.

And then everybody else wonders why you're so lenient ICly.

People who want all the action and none of the consequence.

Perming out of said consequences when it takes days, weeks or months to pin something on someone in a meaningful way.

@stiza Yes. Especially foreign language words.
players suggesting fundamentally changing ideas on mechanics they have only experienced for a week
@Talon - YES! +1
Dialing a number 'ON' your phone instead of 'WITH' your phone.
Typing hang up phone instead of hangup phone.
getting offended ooc because of something said/done ic
Players with wacky quirks that they use to replace their IC personality. Like stutters and etcetera
Having a shitty character that actually does nothing but watch other more interesting characters. *booths*
xkeving with "cm" and "-"
People who fight against the dystopian atmosphere by playing characters who are always cheerful all of the time, no matter what.
- Polyamorous open BDSM relationships, three party absolute minimum.

- Idling IC, definitely.

- Mixers and Corpies who don't play to theme: Mixers who are too nice to everyone and don't recognize the poverty and brutality of the Mix, Corpies who are also too nice to everyone and don't recognize the strain of their position in society.

people who do things for free and people who expect people to do things for free
Yeah, I hate IC white knights. Stop robbing people you monster! I'm gonna perm you!
“Cheers” RP at the bars.

1. People who treat psychotic and psychopathic characters as essentially pets for lack of a better word.

Seen this in several places throughout my year of play. And it almost never works out. And it's also a little weird in that, little girl leading big man down the street on a leash "What kinda weirdo are you." Way.

2. People who assume that the first impression of a character is the only impression they'll ever get of a character and that it's accurate. Or that character's don't sometimes change rapidly.

This is something that happened in the past with my characters. Just "Oh you're just a goodie twoshoes. You can do no harm." *tosses someone out of the skyfox* "Heheh, you don't say mister bubbles." "That's right..."

3. People who perm out to escape consequences. This is something I've been adamantly against. For roleplaying purposes, it's an utter fucking copout. Your allies are gone, get new ones. Your reputation is damaged, build it up again. These are good stories. Perming yourself out from a good story is an utter bullshit move.

I've had characters who've done something stupid and hit the booth in a blind panick to escape (insert X immediate consequence here), but never permed out willingly because of shit that's been done to me or that I've done.

4. My own personal pet peeve for myself,


to prog Say blah blah blah.

whisper "say blah blah blah" to JoyBaka

I hate that I do it and when I do do it, it's almost always a sign that I'm too tired to exist sensibly.

I love how this thread has 45 posts in less than an hour. 😂
My plan is working
You should not tell people specifically on how to play their character. Humans cope in different ways and manners, some hide behind a veil of cheeryness, others might be fresh out from "heaven" and don't know the fuck they are and cannot cope or dig into it properly and feel like they are dreaming, others again need to validate themselves by White Knighting because otherwise they feel worthless and unimportant, expendable.

And for every person that White Knights, I am sure that there are another five players that only care for their own selfish interest.

On an alignment talk for Pathfinder/DnD: Every evil character, needs to have people that follow them and admire them. If you are purely evil and treat them like shit, eventually, they will not follow anymore. These things breed unrest through a lack of stability. That simply means that an evil character, wants friends, even if they do not trust them, give them what they want and need to remain loyal to you.

Even Anarchy has it's groups and societal structures.

Hope this was not written too poorly, got one of these odd days.

The over-sexualization of SIC that leaves me feeling like I'm playing a mature game with adolescents.

The over abundance of players willing to engage in all manner of sexual RP and shortage of those willing to engage in the torture/violent RP inherent in CP.

Weeks and months of plotting to capture a target alive and them deciding they are immune too questioning.

People being rewarded for finding safe and sustainable RP vs those who stir the pot then get pounded into the ground.

The overall clique-ness and flavor of the week pursuit of would-be Villains (particularly lowbie's) wherein half the PC's in a sector make it there mission to pursue the one person who has been making things interesting.

Spamming my screen with your order of ten suicide bombers, you shabby broke fuck.


reefer put it all into words
Reefer is my spirit animal sometimes
We definitely need a better way of ordering en masse like that.That spam is terrible but sometimes someone wants to host a party, and there's no PC tender available, and we could puppet.

Also The overabundance of asian influence food all over the game. Let us have some pulled vat pork or home town mashed taters.

Ahem. San Mayo...Gulag.
When people say my character's name without actually knowing it!
Theres still a massive amount of teriyaki and noodles and tea.
Reefer I feel attacked but I must correct you.

I ordered twenty.

Players who leave a poor example for newbies and thus create hoards of new players with skewered understanding of the game
People who are extremely graphic and very creative at torturing somebody that makes you wonder if they're actually sadistic psychopath in real life.
*Eyes Beepboop warily*

That's half the fun

Mortally wounded people walking it off and not going to the hospital because they are cheap.

pssst can so get some internal injuries?

OH MY GOD THIS SO MUCH GRIZZLY! You're mortally wounded!!
Being so tired you can't sit

I don't know, I've done that before and it seriously sucked, it would take people two to three days to fully recover so it's better to see a PC doc, they're usually cheaper than NPC docs, and you can strike a deal with them if admins are busy.

Gotta be the artistry dudes who are magically amazing at 10 different things.

We get it, some people are multi-talented, that's fine. But the fact that the vast majority of people with Artistry do this really irks me.

New players who join the game, do nothing but deliver crates/SHI then say they're bored.

Foreign characters who can't speak the language of their homeland fluently and English at the same time when they first come to Withmore. This should be an option, not a requirement.

The game almost forcing you to make younger characters because if you want to make someone older, they're still going to start with little to no skills and that makes zero sense and you'll have to come up with some contrived reason for them to have extremely basic skills. Even just a little extra UE would be nice. I think this creates a huge missed opportunity for more variety in characters.

...Nitpicky, but I wish there was a butt @naked so underwear would work correctly. I've seen some people get around this by putting it in the leg slot but that can create problems with skirts/shorts and stuff. It's especially weird since there's back and chest separated, I'm assuming for mostly tattoo purposes.

I agree

Ass naked when


it is pretty common and bad for the economy.

- When you're at a crowded bar and you're not watching anyone... then suddenly, somehow, a groin appears.

- When you're mortally wounded and people just tell you to grab a slice of pizza and walk it off. ❓❓❓

- Sexual situations that don't feel CP. (It's painfully obvious when someone is just horny IRL and is breaking theme.)

- When people don't spell out things and expect my character to understand the gobbledygook you just typed. If the room code is 64GjQ4, I'm chipper with either "six, four, capital G, lower-case j, capital Q, four" or "64GjQ4, all caps except the J is lower-case."

- Accidentally typing .is and getting "isses" and other verbs that sounds fake-cutesy. 😤


Copy pasting your tailor descriptions for a new piece only to find out it just overwrote your personal masterpiece instead of the DynaDye material.
@Varolokkur, that sounds awful. ☹️
Mugging someone on the lev station with a shroud on.

"You sound familiar, have we met recently? I've heard your voice before."

OH and probably my biggest pet peeve, the butt naked thing reminded me:

People who write massive paragraphs for every naked.

The first time I'm looking at someone, I just wanna see their face and hair so I can get a good idea of what they look like. I'm usually doing this mid-conversation, and I have to scroll through an ENTIRE screen's worth of nakeds to even find it buried somewhere in there, even though the person is CLOTHED.

Like, jesus. This is mostly opinion here, but be succinct, leave some room for interpretation. People are never going to see your character EXACTLY the way you want them to. You don't need 4 lines to describe how your character's neck is muscled and has a scar, come on.

Excessive @nakeds:

@naked neck is %P's neck is thick and muscular, it sits under %p head and above %p two shoulders, right between the left shoulder and the right shoulder, it supports %p head and it is veiny and broad. Also, %p neck is athletic like %p shoulders and %p jawline.


Wait...I know the bullet hole count in that poncho and your must be...

@Sly: Counterpoint, I don't like when people jump into RP without letting me read their character description or even the room description. Like I'll even make a post of saying that's what I'm doing and there are still people expect you to start responding right away.
- "Hey, I'm tired of being poor and want some gear, what should I do?"

- "Okay, how about... mugging?"

- "No, too risky"

- "Extortion?"

- "Sorry, I don't have the heart for it"

- "Fine, how about some ole' classic scams?"

- "I don't want to get caught by gangers or Judges"

- "Okay... have you considered prostitution?"

- "I'm too good for that, sorry"


- "I don't want to piss off the gangers..."

- "Fine. Go run this package from Red to Gold. How much do you want to be paid?"

- "Uhm.. five kay?"


I have not considered that, actually. I usually just take people emoting 'looks over X' as fluff and not that they may actually be just trying to look over the character.

I will use that from now on, too.

@Sly: 💚 yay something positive came from this thread.

@villa: you got me with the last line 😂

Stuttering on SIC. (I have a stutter IRL. I don't stutter when I am thinking. I don't stutter when I'm typing either. A stutter is a SPEECH impediment.)

Players who go idle, without warning, sometimes for literally HOURS.

Characters who apparently don't need sleep (because their players never log them off)

Sometimes the last one is a decent RP point. Days long benders and drug fueled zoneouts for days at a time and such.
The lack of player-driven IC change in the game. Something that used to be very common back when we had 10-20 active players and has become considerably more difficult as our numbers have increased. Partially due to Staff time commitment and also because some of us do a poor job of supporting change.

Any in-game clothing item without a tease message.


I think some of that has been intentionally stifled by staff. I thought the same thing when I came back, and found it odd that there were lectures being given about starting your own gang, or trying some crazy concept for yourself and staff allowing you the chance to succeed or fail barring a lecture. I get much of that is in good faith, too, but It may be what leads to people not wanting to push the envelope and stay in their proverbial lane.

Oh for sure. One (of many) instances I will share...

I literally had Judge Steele teleported in Southside Connections and kill me after doing some shit on the mag-lev/gold (with full xhelp notification and confirmation) then sneaking through the sewers, roof jumping, etc.

After being killed the head GM at the time xhelp'd me to let me know it'd be unfair if he let me win and I had gotten past Judges staffed by a less skilled GM that he never would have let happen.

So, I'm no stranger to that manner of grief. a less skilled GM? How is that unfair? Isn't the game the game?
Shit happens. We grow as players and as staff. In retrospect, I probably overshared. I do not want us to go to the dark place of bashing.
That is some dog shit Reef, I'm sorry that happened to you.
Haha, I think we’ve both had our fair share of that kind of stuff, I just think people should not take GM advice as literal law sometimes. Especially if you are confident in your ability to pull something off.
I think theme enforcement, do-overs, and legit or perceived word of god issues might be a topic for another thread, and one that is very carefully phrased.
The intention here was funny pet peeves that probably don’t matter one way or the other but some of these are probably hitting nerves about now xD
+1 Reefer RE: players getting shut down by IC power structures for trying to do something new. This seems like it's been getting much better over the last 6 months.

People who describe themselves as "beautiful" or "attractive" extensively in their nakeds and don't even have the first tier of high charisma shortdesc modifiers.

I'll tack on to that with people who describe their bodies as slamming, their skin as radiant, etc, as if all that high charisma covered was a pretty face (and theirs would be pretty except for the sleepless bags under their eyes and minor scars).

There's actually a tendency for newbies to do this with other stats, too. I'll never forget a 3-4 month old character who was described as with muscles like Hercules fucked Zangeif from Street Fighter not being able to lift a dead cat to hand to Vicki. Or a brand new immy described as having the steadiest and most dextrous hands I'd ever seen.

- Spilling my tea on myself, every time.

- People who ICly shit on/downplay NLM stars and their contributions. This even comes from NPC aliases sometimes, I assume under the auspice of "this character is doing really well so we need to provide the sour note." But like, these players spend a lot of OOC time working on things that ultimately not many people pay attention to--and that's fine, you don't have to pay attention to it, but I feel bad that they only ever seem to get negative reactions.

- People being smarter/more knowledgable than they should be, especially in regards to modern/20th century historical information.

- Being criticized for not stabbing everyone in the back, taking constant risks, screwing people over. I think most of us try to play to theme as best we can but like, at least we're here contributing.

@Reefer - SO TRUE! I hate that we don't have more good torture RP.

That said, I guess I hit on someone's peeve by liking/wanting more good torture RP :)

And, I too hate the not acting like you're mortally wounded when your stats say you are. You're missing out on great Medic RP!

I should be used to this by now but I REALLY hate how removing clothing always ends with me holding it. For so long it was just straight to inventory and while I kind of see why it was changed, I HATE it! Even all this time after the change. :P

All the other more serious gripes I have have already been covered by others or are just not appropriate for this thread. :)

beating the shit out of somebody to get their stuff, but they have on fifty layers of clothing so you can't get to their holster/scabbard/sheath
Doughboy strategy
^ when someone carries 10 different SIC chips on them to confuse their enemies if they die
when people use ooc chat as their personal diary
ROFL roycethe59


When I see Ranger post on the forums
When I see Stiza13.
when stiza perms another character for the 54th time
When I realize I've never had a character alive for more than 2 months.
@Royce - WTF?! That's actually a thing?! LOL
When you check out the selfie thread but it's just Ducky posting thirst traps

jkjk ily

People who spend more time on OOC trying to "fix" things with backseat GMing than they do IC trying to change things.
Spelling out numbers and letters. Like, just say WCS and 377-4567.
Storm yelling at us to read help chastity.
Holychrome what do you mean? Like in ooc chat?
Poorly formatted SIC Ads.

There's one right now that just BUGS me ever time it comes up because one segment is JUST about a WORD longer, and there's a word they could take out without losing punch, and it would make it look so much better.


OOC chat, forums posts, etc.

A lot of suggested ways to "fix" problems that don't exist outside their own lack of willingness to be a part of the change or change something in themselves.

Mostly in the form of forum essays going super in depth on a hyperspecific subject.

no More gone with the wind sized forum posts in general. Get to your point we are doing bad shit out there mixa we ain’t got time to reed
bold of you to assume i can read
Idling in bars.

Idling in mid-conversation.

Apparently all my issues are about idling.

this thread ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

no but seriously

elevator doors and following. i'm glad we have 'escort' as a command because elevator hell is real and i've been there.

Passive aggressive call-outs galore.
eberyone knows u cant vera
The part of my brain that reads every mix accent as a plucky australian with a mouth full of rocks.
People with overly complex accents. One of the worst OOC/IC Crossovers I will make is, if I can't understand your character in one pass at an easy pace, my character thinks you were dropped on your head as a baby.

To the torture point, I'd get more granular: People who believe the only response to an affront is death, or ignore death all together. There is a broad spectrum of pain and a sliding scale of fairness. The saying is "He pulls a knife, you pull a gun." not "he pulls a knife, you steam roll him and everyone he has every met."

People who don't give other people a chance to respond in RP, or rather people who don't set and keep up with a reasonable pace of RP.

The descriptions thing gets me all the time. Smh.

Thick Mix accents are really cool and themely. They give characters an unique spin.
Thick mix accents are fine if they are thick mix accents,

Ain'fye, if'nah tal'th'wa' croik, y'ou'ga' uh'fah'

That looks like lovecraft, feels like shit to read with dyslexia and is a shitty approximation of a very strong Australian accent.

Ain't fine, if'n ya talk this way, croiky, you've gone too far.

There's a difference between adding a couple letters and flares in places, and doing a full on approximation, or transliteration of an accent, is fairly fucking rude, if you don't have that accent in real life. And also makes me want to punt a character through a wall oocly. Because it's is PAINFUL to read, with dyslexia.


Aye, ye got it.


Nae, duhnaue goh'ut ut.

When ur moosex partner ftbs god like come on
When your Moosex partner ERPs better than you with a huge wall of texts, putting your piddly emote to shame.

I thought this was 'Not saying anyone is wrong by doing these.'

Contain thy salt.


Not saying anyone is wrong for doing an accent,

But there's a wrong way to do an accent.

W'll'as'j's lahek, yoohur opinyun, mane.

It's all about walking a line. Flavor and flair is one thing.

Just like naked descriptions, everyone has a preference but clarity and a degree of brevity are probably your friends. You're welcome to write a Russian novel about your eyes but you're probably the only person who's ever going to read it, sorry. You can commit to an insanely performative rough-to-parse accent with whatever justifications you want but if you make your character annoying and difficult to engage with people won't want to RP with you.

You can RP a 'thick mix accent' and be reasonably understandable.

Love accents, however I'm also a big time member of the "if I can't understand your character in one pass at an easy pace, my character thinks you were dropped on your head as a baby." camp as well.

Half of the mix probably was.

How the fuck do babies survive in this environment.

Everyone's parent's are dead!

ok now i'm not joking

this thread

FTB4LYFE some of us got biz to handle aight?? 🤣

Also, protip 4 moosex: use speech-to-text for those big posts. Take a walk and slam down some poetic smut at a rate of a paragraph a minute. Posts be flying left and right and you can wrap up moosex in 10 minutes or your money back. 😁

@Seir: W'll'as'j's lahek, yoohur opinyun, mane.

I hate that I can read that so easily. 🤣 Thanks Sindome.

Any fuckin time bruh.

We enhance your useless language parse ability by 900%.

This has been solid entertainment.

Thank you all.

I am wondering who is using OOC as a diary. *thinking emoji*
Developing an OOC habit of typing in your thick mix accent, so you end up messaging people or writing shit and it has exerts of "Ya'h vahday daht drek" (a milder example)

Freehands > You spill your pint

Freehands > You set your ass on fire

Immy "Badasses" overall. You can be a cool and pretty badass immy, and do it well. But sometimes people don't seem to remember that they're small fry as immies. Leniancy for newer players on this though, those who don't know the gap.

Perming people. I hate perming people. I know it's gotta be done sometimes, but I've never liked being the reason someone is permed. I'll beat or kill your ass, as a warning, but a perm is always a last resort, or something that happens deadass in the heat of the moment.

I have been in situations where perms were involved once or twice and I've always hated it. If it's obvious the guy is trying to go out with a bang it's not such a problem, otherwise I really feel like I'm ruining someone's week OOC.
If it's obvious the guy is wanting to go out with a bang, yeah I'm fine with that. But flat out perming someone just because always felt like a mood killer. I don't even mind dying/perming, I just hate doing it to people.
Perming is fun and healthy. Immy badasses are entertainment. Enjoy them.
Mm, I've been in lots of RP environments where perming had to be the choice of the player, you couldn't force it. I think that kind of thing has it's place, but I think a game like SD needs that edge, that threat of it.

My only real perm-related pet peeve is people forcing their character's perm on someone else, just because they want to reroll, or they're mad, or whatever. Obviously a lot of people get uncomfortable about it, so if you want to get permed, use a booth or skywalk, it's what it's there for. If you want your character to 'go out with a bang', put some RP effort into it.

I've never been uncomfortable perming someone, in the rare case it happens. It's almost always the result of a lot of RP, lot of fighting, lot of IC anger, feuding, etc. It can be immensely, immensely satisfying.

Oh I'm gonna do what I gotta do, I'm just saying.
"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

I think I've seen very few instances of someone at the brink of perming who, when dropping their end of the conflict, wasn't given a second chance at life. People will rarely continue going for a perm when the other player is clearly throwing in the towel.

That being said, the instances of dedicated attempts to perm someone are some really heavy RP and they're going for it after some intense RP that would lead up to that point.

Most of the times someone perms, it's their choice. Whether they realize it or not...

Most of the time.

Oh, I have another

>Misses call

>"Call me back, chummer"

>Doesn't call back for a while

>Misses next call

Traffic. And the bitchy soccer moms probably named Karen who tie up the god damn express ways in their holdens.
Traffic. And the bitchy soccer moms probably named Karen who tie up the god damn express ways in their holdens.
when someone tries to invalidate a foreign character with their googlings

I'm truly not meaning to presume what situation(s) you're talking about because I have no idea, but since others have mentioned being peeved by 'people obviously googling things' elsewhere in the thread, I wanted to riff on that and just say that while I understand the annoyance sometimes, I do want to offer two things (that, in context, situation-by-situation, may or may not apply):

1) Intelligent characters should absolutely RP being intelligent about things (though not -every- thing)

2) Don't presume the player had to google something

Related peeve: Characters who almost assuredly have tanked INT but never RP like it. Anti-peeve: characters who have CLEARLY tanked INT and RP it fantastically.

Assigning ue to the wrong thing accidently. Ive only wasted like a day's ue so far but it's still really bad for my ocd when I check the stats list -.- I kinda wish it said

Are you sure you wanna spend 9000 points for for basketweaving? [fuck yeah] or [heckin nope]


Maybe there should be a prompt only when assigning to something you've never assigned any UE to before, so it doesn't prompt UE every time, but still helps avoid this?

People forgetting or downplaying the corp/mix divide.

Obviously not every character is going to hate the other side, but I've seen people completely forget their animosity because something interested them OOC.

Haha when you’re someone who asks what a word means then 2 minutes later think google can teach you the nuances of language and say “i just gridded(gooooooooogle) the definition “ then I think it is safe to assume that’s exactly what they did!
When someone titles a board post with anything other than exactly what the post is about.

Recent example notwithstanding, it is not the first time! Just tell me what I'm about to read before I read it! It doesn't have to be catchy, this isn't a news forum!