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Summer 2106 Memes Thread

How to plot in Sindome:

"Name something your Sindome character will do when face-to-face with their nemesis."

One answer still on the board...


An... interesting new ad from NLM's advertising department:

I love our builders, I think most of them are amazing, but sometimes it do be like this though.

moments after insulting a corpie on public SIC

The true solo's struggle.

When you suddenly realize you're part of the problem...

We live in the future. This is theme.

Attempt 2

when you screwed up oldbie's plot

Pride Month be like:

What I imagine the typical corpie orientation speech to sound like:


When the mustachioed Street Judge with a cybernetic leg chases a dip on Gold:

Whenever I see a crime top-side.

Important information when planning -party's- and providing -party favors- topside.

ETA signs if they ever get installed at the Lev stations:

When an immy is caught doing something stupid...

It's tough being Wicks

POV: you're Sindome staff

Kid: Can we get a FeliBot?

Mom: We have a FeliBot at home.

FeliBot at home:

tidi be like

Sindome players when things get a little too stable.

Character limit on SICADs be like


There are two wolves inside you.

when you're a street samurai but still wear depot clothes

(this is actually young Ben Shapiro.)

Everytime I see one...its all I can see
When the plot gets tough...

-[Progia-7> I need a solo, I have a simple job I need done.

-Okay, what's the job?

-[Progia-7> Well you see...


I don't get it.

400 steps for a *simple* job. I guess.
How to deal with the WJF:
when you come out of the vats to a bunch of ccoms asking if you're okay

POV That car-solo was a bit too quick for you and the doors are already locked.

How to be a terrorist:
When the corpie SICs and tries to find relatable middle-ground:

If you know. You know.
When you roll the badass cyberpunk character of your dreams, go through the gates, and end up working at SHI:

SIC Chatter
The two voices in your head telling you what to specialize in.

The Judges after smuggling cyberware gets introduced:
.begin to write %p Mixmas wish list...

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when a baka has no clone but they've pissed you off for the last time
(message boards are hard.)
Here you go, Shieldman:

You have to copy and paste the image address, it should end in a png or jpg.

Badlands sun doesn't fuck around.

someone: sells paydata to the Hall

everyone else in response: