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Town Hall [Jan 2019]

The Winter Town Hall dates have been announced and now it's time to share your topic suggestions with us. We hope that you all take a moment to voice your suggestions and join us at the Town Hall. We love to hear your feedback and the Town Hall is a great opportunity for you to give it and help us shape the game for the future. You can respond to this thread with your suggestions, however, PLEASE in the interest of keeping this easy to manage, do not engage in discussion about the topics here. If you want to discuss them, create a relevant thread in the correct part of the BGBB and note that not every topic will make the cut but we'll do our best to get as much in as possible.

The schedule will work, as usual, a 3-hour Town Hall which starts with the Senior Staff giving updates on their respective areas of the game (Building, Coding, Quartermaster etc.). After that, we move onto the Open Discussion section of the meeting where we discuss the player submitted topics.

If you're stuck thinking for suggestions to give, here are some general topic categories that you can think about:

Code Improvements - What could be changed code-wise to improve the game?

In Character Topics - What can we do In Character to make Sindome a better place for all?

Out of Character Topics - How can we help you, the players feel more at home in Sindome?

Please do not reveal any IC info in this thread. Again, this is just for posting ideas for topics (you can explain your topic in as much depth as you want, but don't get into it with others about the topics they post). Create a new BGBB thread to discuss something if you want.

If this is your first town hall, please refer to the posts below for a list of previous posts relating to Town Halls, including logs, topic threads, soundtrack threads, and Agendas.

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Town Hall June 18th, 2016 Topic Thread

Town Hall June 18th, 2016 Log

Since this seems to be a popular topic recently who else feels we should talk about staff-player interaction? Allow people to say their experiences and how it could be improved, if it is even a problem.
Remember to get those suggestions in. This is your chance to let us know how you're feeling about Sindome and find out what we have planned.

No suggestion is silly, every suggestion is welcome!

Since this seems to be a popular topic recently who else feels we should talk about staff-player interaction? Allow people to say their experiences and how it could be improved, if it is even a problem.

I think this is the hot topic lately, but I also think people aren’t going to be apt to discuss it so candidly for a variety of reasons, some very valid and some based on echo chamber mentality or skewed perception. I think it is a great topic and hope it gets some discussion aside from the “Cerb man bad” complaint and “You don’t know what goes on” response.

I appreciate the time the staff are taking to put together the town halls, very informative stuff is put out on them, It’s just hard to present a topic that isn’t IC revealing, sound overly complainy, or something we haven’t covered.

Nothing wrong with posting about a topic that has been covered in past town halls. The reason we do these every 6 months is because players come, players go, the game grows and changes. We want to be iterating on our policies.
Things I would like to discuss:

1. The IC/OOC divide and where it is working, and where we think it needs to be improved.

2. All the disguise updates, and how people are feeling about them.

3. The updates to clothing/shortdesc around showing your clothing quality and things of that nature.

Also bumping this one. If anyone has any topics they'd like us to discuss at the next Town Hall, let it be known here!
OOC chat room etiquette? Our community ooc'ly is definitely improving but a good reminder is probably due.
Music in Sindome.

Right now we have a sing command that everyone asks to please not use and instruments with a special pose mechanic that is somewhat limited. Can we refine these so we aren't just doing normal poses. Also we have so many instruments written up and only a few in the game. Seems like music and the Media Star in SinDome needs some love.

Good suggestions there guys.

Let's keep them coming! 😁👍

There was a reddit post recently where a former member of staff wanted to broadcast stat-skill relationships. I don't want this, but I have to admit it isn't terribly clear from existing material IC or OOC how to build characters effectively.

It would be nice to discuss how characters and/or players can learn what they need to know in order to improve as they play. I personally struggle a little and when I do ask IC how to improve at things, I get a lot of conflicting information.

I would second that.

As a subtopic, I also would love to see if we can talk about how to give us an idea of where we are relatively in the world.

For instance, I don't need a stat to have a pretty good idea of how smart, how strong, how fast, etc. I am. The game does not always have enough feedback for us to know how we should RP our character. I don't need an exact scale, but I should have a general idea if I am one thing or another.

Setting disconnect messages. Please, it'd be good to be able to not fall limp and unsconscious every time we disconnect. We already have wake messages.
Forensics, for the love of Sindome, expand upon forensics in-game.

Thank you.

Just generically offering the cliche +1 to some kind of honest discussion towards how stat/skill interaction and progression is framed. I think it's genuine and fair to say even the playerbase, generally speaking, doesn't want a spreadsheet from the admins with hardcore details. We also get from a design perspective and what SD 'is' that there shouldn't be a hardcore focus on stats, 'the numbers', min/maxing, etc. -- this isn't a MUD, an MMO, etc. it's philosophically something different -- amen, agreed. But we do -have stats-, and people spend sometimes years, and years investing in a character. It's probably reasonable for them to be able have some fair grip on what they're building over that time.

My decking hobbyhorse example is the time I had a specific IC situation arise related to skill interactions with real IC repercussions that absolutely should have been clear to my character at that time and the =admin- literally told me they didn't understand how the skills functioned well enough to answer the question. That seems.....askew.

I thought about this a bit and how to bring it up, but I wondered if something briefly on the subject of romance vs goals can be discussed?

Sometimes I see a problem of people who believe that putting in so much effort towards someone means they'll net their romantic goals. Shortly after getting a "no" in that department, they often disappear. You simply stop seeing that character around.

I've seen this happen to a few people and it's annoying. You can't just drop your RP because Baka Jones won't sleep with you.

Town hall is this Saturday! If you have any more topic ideas get them in soon!!
Teaching players how to find their own fun, maybe with some hints at how to get involved with the bigger IC picture in Sindome.

I've seen a few conversations on Game-Help about not being able to find meaningful RP by what I assume are new players, so it might be worth touching on. There aren't enough GMs to be running plots for every player concurrently, so learning how to self-sufficient is key if you want to play for extended periods. ^^

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I'd love to hear the topic of the in-game economy discussed at the town hall. Characters all have expenses they need to fulfil to survive and progress so the state of the economy often dictates what a character does on a day to day basis in game. I'd love to hear other players opinions on the state of things.

Other people may not feel this is as important.

Sadly I got called into work for Saturday... stupid releases, so I won't be at the Town Hall. However, I will read the log when it's available.

One other topic that would be nice to get some staff perspective on...

"What advantage is there in obfuscating mechanical information in a PvP game to a portion of the playerbase when there are some who have seeming detailed information on how to be effective in everything from skills checks to how NPCs might react to you?"

It kind of goes along with the skill/stat questions above, but from the perspective of how the staff thinks about this from a fairness perspective.

Last call for topics, I'm going to start working on the Agenda in a few.
I hope I am in time for this:

Success in Sindome

We often see characters with max UE, top end gear, six or seven digits in their bank accounts, and the best reputations but what is the real measure of success in Sindome?

What unit do the GM use to determine that a character has been a better part of the world than the majority?

There is a thread on the BgBB talking about this but I wonder if anyone (including staff) would like to cue in with their POVs.