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Summer 2017 Townhall: June 24th @ 3PM
The future is brighter!

Saturday, June 24th @ 3PM DST

It's that time again, folks. Time for the twice annual Sindome Town Hall Meeting! We will come together as a community to discuss all aspects of the game in a moderated open forum. Things discussed at the Town Hall will set the priorities for the next six months of game play and development. It is important. I hope each and every one of you fills our Amphitheater to brimming.

We'll have some really exciting news for everyone on community changes!

The typical formula we follow is a 3-hour Town Hall that starts with Senior Staff giving updates on their respective positions (Head of Game, Head Builder, Quartermaster, etc.). After those speeches we start the Open Discussion section of the meeting, where we work our way through the player submitted topics.

Take a look at the threads below for more information on what to expect, what type of topics are appropriate for the meeting. You may respond to this thread with your suggestions. However PLEASE in the interest of keeping this easy to manage, do not engage in discussion about the topics here. If you want to discuss them, create a relevant thread in the correct part of the BGBB.

Slither will be using this thread to help me build out our agenda for the meeting.

Thank you all!

-- Johnny

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Folks, this thread has not gotten the attention it deserves. If you want to raise a topic at the town hall, this is the place to leave it. I will be making the agenda in the coming weeks.


Awhaaaa? I missed this totally. PEOPLE. This is happening
Throws some confetti in the air.
Expanding the usability of cred chips would be something I'd like to see discussed. As I understand the description, corpies aren't supposed to like carrying chyen around and want to use chips, but the locations they can do so are limited.
That's a good one actually I'd like to see more places accept credchip
Recently, there have been significant improvements to general Corpie lifestyle, with things such as employment, more biomods, nanogenetics, ect, but I personally want to focus on corporation development itself in this question. Now understand, I am not keen to this type of roleplay myself, so please take that into account. The theme of Corpie roleplay focuses on deceit, concealment, and shadowy dealings. Based on Administrative team's gatherings, how are admins satisfied/dissatisfied on how Corpies are accomplishing objectives/goals based on @notes and roleplay progression with deceit, blackmail, ect ways.

Second, mainly geared towards players, administrators feel free, how do you all feel the bridge between Corpies and Mixers has progressed since last town hall, or if you've even felt a difference at all.

Third, optional to include, can change into different thread on forums if needed for discussion, how to players thing the addition of the Red Liberation Front /recently/, affects roleplay for the divide, opportunities, and partnerships between Corpie and Mix?


-Cost of living. The game is already bloated with permapads; no one really pays for rent in the normal non-donation way in the long run, except a few rich chars.

-A definitive GM statement on how to make disguise deduction realistic, fun and themely -- and a more clear helpfile to that, too, to settle the issue.

-Artistry value: objective or not? What about more skilled people? What's fair?

-Discussion on cyberware extraction from corpses.

That's it for now.

Nice suggestions. I agree with all off the above.
I'd be curious to hear about any plans on expanding cyberware that replaces body parts besides the two that already have major available modifications.

The idea of getting a robot leg or arm is extremely cool, but when it does nothing and is, in-character, not supposed to look or behave any differently, it's a pretty big stretch to even get any roleplay out of it past hooking up with a cyberdoc and getting it installed. As a result, limb-loss feels like more of a chore than a cool event, and once you've completed the chore that's more or less the end of it.

That said, I extremely don't want it to be something like +strength for an arm or +agility for a leg. The thing that makes cyberware so rad is that they all have unique effects, things that really matter when they come into play and are extremely appealing as a result. Without any knowledge of Sindome's underlying systems I can't really think of a cool effect for them to grant, and the more boring ones I can think of end up chalking up to the lesser effects of a +stat bonus, so unfortunately I don't really have any ideas for the idea bucket on this one.

It's probably a tough thing to handle, but the events surrounding the loss of a limb are almost certainly super cool every time. It's just that, once that's over, you don't even have a cool glowing eye everyone wants to rip out of your skull to roleplay around. If you're lucky someone might remember you lost a limb, if people were around to see.

(also I kind of just want to be a horrible robot person, assimilate my body to the machine)

I echo the call for more varied cyber capabilities. Stuff like Ghost in the Shell, and Deus Ex leads me to have a deep love for cybernetics.

Personally I would like for everything in Green/most of the stuff in Gold to ONLY use credchips, help accentuate that class divide. While it probably is an unrealistic idea, I think it could help differentiate further the Corporate Citizen and the Mixer. If Corporations didn't even pay in Chyen, and all the outlets corpies bought at were credchip only, compared to the hard cash and realities of the mix, it would provide more tangible distinction to the vastly different societies.

Can we get a word from coders about Drugs 2.0?
I love the expanded cyberware ideas, things like skull guns and rocket legs and stuff would be pretty flash. I think there was a hint at the last Town Hall that SK being more open was in the works, so maybe it could tie into that.
I love the changes that have been happening to Red district; Could we have a discussion on if there's any more coming and what about changes to other Levels.
There's been vast improvements to the Corporate lifestyle that were very much warranted to establish a gap between the to. So many positive features have been added.

One change I personally would vote for is a price hike on the doctor NPCs to encourage people to immediately seek out other players, or alternatively getting rid of those 'heal me' scripts all together and require a staff puppet. Each time one of those doctors heals it takes away potential RP from a medic role! When playing nurses/EMT (I've played two of them), I had people come in, heal up with an NPC's script, then promptly walk out while ignoring me. Even though I had one particular player go out of his way to give me doctor RP, it was absolutely f***ing frustrating to see the other type of behavior. It vexes me to this day. You can't go to a tailor NPC and tell him what you want made then have a script rattle out an item. These scripts kill some of the benefits of being an EMT or doctor interested in healing people. Please change them.

While it is far less of a priority to me, more benefits to those who are looking to get into a ripper doctor role would add to the world. After all the love given to the corporate world, Red Sector needs to have some benefit of being in it other than the lifestyle. In the current incarnation of the game, characters without a medical license will definitely struggle to find their place compared to the rich licensed cyberdocs living the dream. Anyone can snatch out chrome. There aren't any illegal war-grade cybers or coded benefit versus being licensed that would make being an unlicensed doctor really appealing other than the no-corpy-oppression and mix-hustle. Having something like illegal chrome/illegal bio-mods and a market for them would be amazing.

Need to also say, I do love everything I've seen and heard about the Grid 3.0. I'm eager to hear what other people think and will definitely attend this Townhall.

The problem with medic RP is the sense of urgency. If I need a tailor I don't need it because my clothes are bleeding. If medics could 'turn off' the NPCs while on duty, or if the NPCs recognized that there was a clinic employee of a certain rank in the room, and basically said "talk to so and so, I'm busy" that would be awesome!
I second the medics thing People often go to NPC's because they think its cheaper and it stops alot of roleplay from being possible.
No discussion of topics please. Make a new thread for that!
Perhaps a way for a PC bartender to be the first person that shows in a room?
Also tattoo's showing up with a differant ansi colour would be really cool.
Totally agree with the tattoos having color options.
* Better balancing/integration of player run shops.

* Clarification on what the values of different mediums within the artistry skillset represent and how to better incorporate that into everyday RP or just doing away with artistry or the valuation of artistry altogether.

Second talking about Holly's idea of black market cyberware and illegal medical procedures, the specialty of back alley ripper docs.
@fleurtygirl can you elaborate on this a bit more with some bullet points? I don't quite follow it.

* Better balancing/integration of player run shops.

@slither I’ll try to be objective as i’m speaking from a distinct Red Sector frame of reference here. Topside is waaaaaaay different i know.

By integration, i mean:

1)I would like to see more player run shops. Why are only two shops allowed to be catch all/ sell all shops while others have to have a focus? Are there -any- player run shops on Gold or Green, now? If not--how is anybody selling specialized shit up there seen as legitimate? All these homespun artists and fashion designers should be laughed out of town.

2) integrating the “shops” we have into everyday RP. Carnal Desires comes to mind first and foremost. That place was becoming a vibrant RP hub until it was split up and now characters aren’t allowed to perform there until a PC pays the lease on it. Its dead. And that sucks. After eight months of abandonment i think its safe to say that its not the player base’s fault and thought to restructuring/ rethinking this caveat might be in order. Maybe if there were some advantage to owning an RP based shop….

This leads to: Balancing.

3)There are gear/PvP shops and there are RP shops. The cost for an RP shop is the same or even multiple times higher than a PvP/Gear based shop and the weekly payout is the same or at least near the same ratio to cost. Income from PC’s, however, is -greatly- skewed toward the PvP/Gear based shops. Long story short, RP shops get screwed. Owning anything other than a gear based shop is a liability not an advantage, (again, speaking of Red Sector) leaving you with nothing to leverage more exciting RP or even put back into the economy. Its broken.


Get reminded by Facebook

The only thing that's broken about Carnal Desires is the players lack of initiative in arranging events.

I don't understand what point you're trying to make or how you come to the conclusion something is broken, your perspective seems to be that there are players that WANT to do something with Carnal, but we aren't letting them?


There isn't enough time during the town hall for me to address this mystery.

I think we broke Cerberus.

I've added boiled down versions of the topics mentioned here! There is room for more. Please continue to post topics!

-- S

I've had a couple of characters tell my character that they would be unable to perform there until the place was leased by another character. This was a while ago. Like six months now. Maybe that's already changed or maybe they were confused in the first place, but i assumed since -nothing- has happened there since that that -was- the case.
Sounds like an IC issue with the character. Without getting too ic/ooc, there's definitely been performances at Carnal within the last six months.
* More robust and versatile emote verb system that incorporates everything possible with emote/pose/spoof without possibility of inadvertent mistargeting, and the ability to target items/objects in the room/one's inventory if desired, and doesn't have a two quoted "string" limit, and is simple enough to use.

* Different weights for custom clothing, whether specified by the player or determined by an algorithm. To my knowledge they're all the same no matter how large or small in terms of coverage the article is.

@Ben I added your second item to the agenda. The first item is more suitable to a BGBB post. Toss that into a new topic in ideas and I can address some of the issues we currently face with it as well as work we've done to improve it in the past.

Thanks for all the topics so far folks!

-- S

Last call for town hall topics! Get 'em in today!

Excited to see you all tomorrow!!

I probably cannot make the Town Hall due to a doctors appointment, but I would like there to be some tips or tricks that the GMs/Staff think that players should know about being an ideal mixer and being an ideal corpie.

This necessarily doesn't have to be during the town hall meeting, and could be a BGBB post, but it is something I would like compiled in one place. Since I've been playing from before there was the major shift topside, I always found trouble being a corpie because I don't know what is necessarily expected besides an at least outward hatred of mixers.

This would be nice, along with an overview of the various changes to disguises, drugs, etc that are upcoming.

I cannot make the Town Hall either due to being at sea, however if it's not too late I'd like to hear people's views on the WJF, and how they feel the WJF as an organization is doing in general(adding to the game, meeting expectations of theme, etc).