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You Know You're a Sindomian When..
2018 Edition!

You know you're a Sindomian when you're writing an email to your Mom about xmas and you sign it...

-- S

You know you're a Sindomian when you use clonemesia as an excuse IRL for forgetting something important. :D
You think of paying someone IRL to do something as "spreading the opportunities around to other players".
You are talking with your foreman and construction crew about something and reply with a thumb's up and say, "Aces." to some good news. That definitely caught some looks.
When you almost called some stuff gomi, or drek :^)
Typing 'say' before every text message and email.
Murder your girlfriend so her clone doesn't remember you trading her EBT for crack.
when people catch you playing at work and they think you're learning how to code
Your family is worried because you stare at a "black screen" for way too long.
When your brother walks in and you try to explain that you're playing an in-game shooter game inside a textbased roleplaying game, and all they see is text.

Also write 'say' and such all the time in other games, as well as 'l' for 'look'.

...when you start asking the people around you if you can do anything for them or if they have a job for you, when you're already gainfully employed...
When you start spelling numbers in text conversations and writing "one kay" or "a stack" for money and expecting people to know what that means.

When you start assessing the ambient population of locations.

When you haven't had your nails done in a while and feel like it's time to update your @nakeds.

When autosuggest be hijacked like...

Lol day autocorrect.
Dat! Fucking... Autocorrect.
When you almost type '@quit' into Google before you go to bed.
I once accidentally said 'look' in the middle of a dm with a friend, and I had to salvage that by making a hot take. Never again.
I've had a moment where I've looked out my window IRL and said,"Look Window" aloud. And then had my family be like... "WTF?"
When a coworker says that Rae from accounting wants him to expedite a job or else she's going to complain to management, and your first response is to laugh and say she has no leverage on him.
I type ‘l’ instead of ‘ls’.
When someone quotes you a price that is outrageous and you reply "Is that chyen or cents?"


When you decide to try food mentioned on SIC.

My husband and I went in search for "shoes for manos".
Hello-marmalade: I do the same thing ALL THE TIME. I fixed it though.

vim .bash_profile (or .bashrc)

alias i="ls"

Hah! I had actually considered making a bash profile with a bunch of aliases mapping to Sindome commands just for fun. Things like 'look' for'ls' and 'go' for 'cd' and 'trash' for 'rm'. Never did though. :P
When you catch yourself worrying about your SIC bill as you reply to some inane text message.
When you are at sea world and get off of the Atlantis ride and see the family dryer units charging $5 a use to dry off and think it’s cheap in comparison to $100
When you find yourself worrying that some government is going to call you in for questioning because of your search history:

Gang initiations

Organized crime

Illegal hustles

Bomb making

Traditions of elite criminal organizations

Various firearms

Firearm modifications

Risks of performing surgery in unsanitary places

How to pick pockets

How to evade the police

How to launder money

Average KO times when knocking people out via striking

How to build up a successful rebellion

How to start a gang

How to embezzle money

Effect of cannibalism on health

How to hack secured servers

How to leave a gang

Common make money quick scams


Some of these are generalized just to make the point clear without giving too much away. :-)

OH GODS YES. My search history is suddenly full of guns, weapons, and research on illegal activities. 😅
...when you realize tomorrow is Friday and you find yourself more excited about collecting those sweet DeathBall winnings than you are about collecting your RL paycheck.
...when your first reaction to 50-down is e-note.

(It's e-zine if you're wondering)

You get texts like this

You go on lunch at work OOC and go back to work IC..
Oh, I have a list.

1. You have a meeting with your senior VP at work about an issue. You come to an agreement and say, "Aces" to them and hope they don't notice how weird you sound.

2. You refer to work to your spouse as "biz."

3. You see someone in an outfit that doesn't remotely match and think, "Someone just came through the gate."

4. You hope to god no one looks at your search history, because no one one the planet will believe it's for character research.

When you google search the amount of a similar drug it takes for a common person to Overdose to figure out how tolerant to dope your character is.
Oh, I forgot one.

You are now forced to backspace on your texts incessantly, because you keep speaking in your character's dialect instead of your own.

When you come home from work and your apartment door looks like this:

My girlfriend gets me.

Damn it.

Best girlfriend ever.
You start replying to instructions and information with "Scan".

Definitely a few weird looks.

@Slither: That's adorable. 😁

Instead of emojis I've been caught typing "smile" or "giggle" or "grin" or "wink"



When someone at work or near home I know in passing suddenly asks me my name and I eye them warily and ask, "Why?"
When there's a group of dudes always playing cricket at the park by your house and you walk by and catch yourself eyeing the cricket bats thinking 'That's a lot of chy over there'.
@Warlord: I'm so much more conscious about innocuous IRL paydata I drop in casual conversation. 😅

...also wow I'm calling it paydata, so that's a thing now too.

I texted someone with "to phone Good morning!"
When Wicks starts sending you mail IRL.

Also...the food is corpses. I know how exciting this is for...some of you.

...when you get sad at the realization that your character can theoretically live longer than you can IRL. ☹️
...when you get offered a hard drug and your first thought is, "Oh I can try that now without getting addicted!"
When you wonder if you can set up a disguise IRL. mouth mask, hood, rain poncho... Just because you want to get there and don't want to be noticed, but it turning into the opposite, because, you know, no one walks around like that.
When you realize the Dome is your Matrix except you want to get in instead of out.
When you realize the Dome is your Matrix except you want to get in instead of out.
When you realize the Dome is your Matrix except you want to get in instead of out.
When you realize the Dome is your Matrix except you want to get in instead of out.
When you realize the Dome is your Matrix except you want to get in instead of out.
When you realize the Dome is your Matrix except you want to get in instead of out.
Oh boy, what have I done?

Sorry for the multiple posts folks! My internet was lagging.


Nice profile picture.

When you start writing a professional email at work, but you write in it your character's accent and vernacular. Even better is what you don't realize what you're doing at first and have to frantically backspace.
You're on vacation and you use the the holocal in your character's apartment to figure out what day it is.
You never never use the bathroom and only eat a month old calzone every three days as a gesture.
Speaking from experience, I see, HolyChrome. 😁

I had to become certified in Linux for my job, and my experience with typing on Sindome has actually helped me get through the frustrating mess that is Linux.

It's a weird feeling to know how to Linux, as if I've misspent my real life UE.

You have two of your ace kools' progia-11 numbers memorized, but have no idea what your parents phone number is IRL...

...sorry mom and dad.

you refer to C R I M E as "biz" irl sometimes
You start looking for Drug mods to enhance your Sims workday. -.-
...when your mind goes in the completely wrong direction:

When you scream Baka at someone in traffic.
I just had my own moment. have a dream where you tell a friend, "If you know anybody who needs someone who (does what your character in Sindome does), send them my way."

...when you're really craving a soda but you don't dare go outside, so your first thought is "CM Need a runner to bring me a 2-liter of Sprite Zero."
Happened to me the other night:

Ordered pizza

Went to eat pizza

Mind immediately defaults to "Open box" "Get slice from box"

Also, using slang you never would have without playing Sindome, being hyper-conscious about whether or not your hoodie is far back enough for people to see your face

I've almost said "Anor" in vain IRL.

"Toodles" is now a word that makes me laugh uncontrollably thanks to one morning a few months ago.

I have said Anor unironically several times and had to double take. You're not alone on that one.
The Final Fantasy 7 Remake may as well be a Withmore City story.

You walk into your garage and say "We have too many items."
When I first started and was HEAVY into Sindome I once accidentally verbally said "say" before saying something to my mom.
I've now already used "mona" and "scan" in normal conversation. I fear for my future.
S C A N .
My wife now says Scan to me any time I tell her something. She does not play this game.
When you make a mental note of something for remembering later and you wait for your brain to come back with You successfully commit that information to memory.
Wrote an email to an attorney using my character's accent. Actually posted paragraphs of accented writing to a website. Please make it stop.
When your phone lock screen shows the following times:

Local Timezone

Dome Timezone

Timezone related to [redacted IC thing]

Timer for next approximate crate rollover

Catching yourself thinking/saying certain words in your char's accent.

Help me.