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A trip down BGBB memory lane II
Part 2 of the yearly series

"Twas the night before Christmas and all the through the MOO, many creatures were stiring, and the BGBB was too." -- Slither, December 24th, 2019

This post is part of a yearly series. Read A Trip Down BGBB Memory Lane I first.

January 3rd, 2002 (Ideas) Of Corpses and Firearms

Murphy had this idea: "How about, when a corpse is fresh, you can see the wounds on it (example: *corpse desc* The corpse has a gunshot wound to the groin and to the abdomen.)

The more rotten a corpse would be, then you'd need an increasingly high medical skill to determine cause of death. Those with the munitions skill in addition to medical could also find out what the caliber of the weapon was in the case of gunshot wounds, etc.

This would open the way for forensic investigators, and such."

Rastus responded saying 'Both are already planned'.

For a long time, forensics was implemented but it didn't have everything we were looking for. There was a time, surprising as it may be for some of you that started in the last couple years, when corpses showed the NAME of the person that was killed, and an auto generated description that was not based on the persons @nakeds or @description. This was, to say the least, a bit meta, but it had been like this forever. In the past few years we implemented the updated forensics system, which allowed you to see not only the wounds, but the tattoos, the nakeds, and a bunch of other info. The system also allows you to light a corpse on fire or otherwise degrade it such as to be unrecognizable!

January 21st, 2002 (Ideas) New Client?

DaveK was really curious about a rumor he heard about a new client to connect to Sindome: "So I've heard a lot about this new client that's in production, and I've also heard about the capibilities and features this new client -should- have once completed. Now I don't know if this is the same one that I heard about when I was webbitch, cause I thought they went under, but I do have a couple of general questions about it."

Rastus responded, letting DaveK know that it wasns't something we were developing ourselves but rather a client called Ages 2000 that was being developed independently and of whom the developer reached out asking if they could use Sindome as the guineapig. Sounds like even in 2002 this project had fallen off.

Fast forward 10 years or so and we released our own webclient. I think that having the web client, and not requiring telnet or a mudclient really reduced the barrier of entry to the game and you can see our numbers go up after that. This was also around the same time we released the new website. I can still remember the old one. It was pretty great, though definitely straight out of 1997. If you are interested, go check it out on WayBackMachine.

Feb 14th, 2002 (Ideas) Dome Pizza

Tash: "Are you hungry, but don't want to venture out in case of pesky gangers or hustlers you owe money to? Just feel like having a night in an not cooking? Then call Dome-Pizza 376-DOME (376-3663). I want pizza delivery service darnit! You call a number and a person answers and takes your oder and sends a delivery man to your door."

At first when I was reading this I thought: This person is advertising for their IC business on the BGBB, I'm going to have to xhelp them with a warning. Then not only did I remember this was 18 years ago, but I realized this was a request for code to allow pizza to be delivered.

"It could work like how the judges are supposed to show up when you cal 911 - only be more reliable. And you could have one basic kind of pizza like pepperonie and cheese."

I do love that even 18 years ago, getting the WJF to show up (especially on Red) was less reliable than ordering a pizza.

"Or it could be a nice coded place and you could go in and get pizza for take-away and maybe people could work there and get jobs selling pizza or maybe delivering it."

Well, I'm happy to let everyone know that at some point, we took this feedback, and pizza takeout made its way into the game. Thank gosh.

"I'd pay 150 chyen for a pizza if I didn't have to go out."

I think you'll have to pay a bit more than that if you want it delivered.

"While we're at it, it would be great if the pizza came with the option of beer or soda too."

Tash basically just wrote the business plan for Tony's!

The best part is the response from Stonemonk (a staffer):

"NOW we're getting into the REAL reason...cuz yer LAZY and want beer delivered to you...

Do you know how big of a target a Pizza delivery guy would be? We're talking a man (or woman), who smells like cheese and cooked meat, strolling through a gauntlet of starving people. Not to mention the big funky colored uniform that you can see from a block down :P"

I do have to say... I feel like the Mix was a lot more desparate back in the day. Like, people starving everywhere.

"hehe, I thought of this once upon a time. Thought it'd be fun. If someone wanted the job then I'd tell them to get material, describe them up as Pizzas and then offer their services..."

Do not do this!

March 30th, 2002 (Ideas) Climbing/Scaling

Frank: "Using a rope and grappling hook to climb the side of a building and bust through the window of a locked room would definately be in the pile of cool things to do in the future. Then you have crazy stuff like people cutting the ropes or burning them while others are using them. A criminal on the side of a building... now THAT would definately give the Judges something to aim at with their rifles."

Stonemonk: "We've played around with the idea. dunno, stay tuned."

I dunno what playing around happened, but I remember implementing grappling hooks. I think it was 2008 or 2009 when I did. I was on a 'roof top' kick. Rooftops are just so cool and I think STILL an underutilized means of getting around.

You can't bust through a window, and you can't have your rope cut, mainly because your rope is not a rope but some kind of nanoweave alt-steel. But you can get from the ground to a roof, or the roof to the ground. And that is an important part of moving through 3d space.

I still want to create one that shoots like 40 stories and tugs you up batman style though.

June 13th, 2002 (Ideas) Mag-Lev Card

Cube: "Simple really. The ability to buy a mag-lev card from a terminal on the stations platforms. 1000 chyen or something for a week of free mag-lev travel."

Interesting... kinda like a metro card today... I wonder if we ever consid---

Johnny: "This has been talked about in many forms. Mostlikely, we'll just get rid of the chyen based fee and make it charge your SIC account. Then only real citizens can ride the rails."


Murphy: "Then how are newbies gonna get to Gold to get their SIC?"


Allandra: "Personally I never understood why the implant clinic was on Gold. With SIC's being mandatory you'd figure it would be at the gate. Come in, surrender your clothes and personal belongings to customs (Or how ever we explain how people bring in things from home.) and get implanted on the spot. But as for now the newbs can take the sewers just like everyone else!"

Well, I guess someone important was reading this thread...

Johnny: "SIC's are now implanted to immigrants when they come into the city."

See, things that people post on the ideas thread make it into the game. They always have. And then they become so normal that even people like me who have been around 16 years don't realize it was EVER differnet.

July 29th, 2002 (Ideas) Phones

Tash: "It would be nice if after someone rang you (called you) that you could still see their number on your phone. This would help a lot of you had more than one phone."

We have that now!!!!!

Tash "And then....the biggest baddest one of all.... Voicemail!"

Womp womp.

August 9th, 2002 (Ideas) Random SIC

Tash: "I was thinking about how likely it was that you'd get people sending you SIC messages on accident. Sort of like getting a wrong number call."

Okay... interesting... I'm listening.

Kevlar: "The chinese have a curse that goes: May your every wish be granted."

Oh, sounds like he already did this maybe?

Chastity: "I would just like to say DEAR GOD NO! Sure, it adds to the ambiance, but seriously? There's only so many little things they can make come up randomly, and after awhile you'd get the same ones. Over. And over. And over. And it would make me cry."

Hmm, fair feedback.

Kevlar: "Tash's idea is to enhance the 'ambient population' feel. If any of what Chastity were saying were to come to pass, it would have the opposite effect: It would remind you that there's NOT really 65 million people in the dome. My point is it will either be done right, or it won't be done."

8 years later... Slither implements random SIC that auto posts on the public sic.

9 years later.... Slither disables random sic auto posting on public sic.

December 22nd, 2002 (Ideas) Look Place

Drake: "There needs to be a way to check your look place, and it should clear itself when you die."

This is a very good point Drake. A very good point.

15 years later, Slither updates @look_place to display your current look_place

Lillith: "And why can't we pick locks?"

Wait what? We were talking about look_p---

Bias: "because there are no lock picking tools? *pouts* you don't know HOW many times i typed "pick lock" during the first days... oh who am i lying to... i still do it when bored."

We're getting a little off top--

Lucien: "Ohhhhhhh a lock pick set, that would be awesome.."

I'm sure it would Lucien but we were talking about look_plac--

Aikao: "Hm. I think lockpicking should be brought back. Though I know it was removed due to abuse, I think that if implemented right it could work wonderfully."

Johnny: Throws a bunch of salt in the thread.

Murphy: "Lockpicking *could* be balanced, I simple logic!"

Oh could it?

Lujan: "I probably have a unique perspective from some of the other players on this issue, since I have actually had an electronic lockpick and used it lots of times, until Bishop the pain removed them from the game and then promised to have a new system running within a couple of months (it's now almost two years later mind you), they -were- abused, and they were -damn- hard to get ahold of, and really expensive..ah, those were the days, I actually got hired by a player to use it a few times too."

I give up! Read the How To BGBB Guide you bakas!

(Edited by Slither at 7:37 am on 1/2/2021)