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Character inspiration
Show us ya stuff.

The pixel art characters thread reminded me of how I came to make my current character, which was stumbling across a random image on the internet and just having an epiphany of an awesome character.

Anyone who know my character probably will draw the lines pretty quickly, but I think you can see what I was trying to get at.

What about the rest of you? Did anything inspire you to shape your character, perhaps an image or music? My character has her own theme song after all.

Hairstyle for my character was somewhat inspired by Lyndis from fire emblem, this image isn't the best for her hair reference but it's a cool picture of a great character :P It's mainly the back ponytail and i guess swordsman theme i took from lyndis
Gah pic didn't upload
Hopefully this one worked but here's a separate link just in case (sorry for the spam)

Hopefully this one worked but here's a separate link just in case (sorry for the spam)

Don't have a picture or anything, but my character is basically my grandfather.
A mix of these two... Artist and Badass.

My inspiration largely came from this music video ( although it wasn't till later that I realised I had probably drawn a lot of inspiration from the Nomad class of the Cyberpunk 2020 game subconsciously after reading through that ruleset and playing the game a little a few months earlier.

Otherwise... Generally all things with a mad max kinda theme about them although ironically I hadn't seen or really heard of mad max until i played this game (Note to the wise. WATCH THE NEW MOVIE! It is awesomeness encapsulated in a little three hour pill (take the blue one).)

Awesome little thread.

This might come as a surprise to some.

Mine was a combination. Pulled from my RL job and then mixed it up with one of my favorite characters from a TV show I watched - Kenzi from Lost Girl.
Those who know me...

Raven Reyes from The 100; I had her loosely in mind when creating Raid:

my inspiration


I love Kenzi from Lost Girl. :)

And Kuzco, I recognize that. I think so at least.

Mine is all in my head from a cyberpunk game I was in years ago (though she was younger) and was Cybergeneration. (Later a mix of CP2020 and CGen.) Go to the images page for some other CP ideas.

To those who know me
Anyone who's looked at my character or seen the character portrait which I've posted elsewhere will know which of these guys inspired the physical half of my character.

The other half was inspired by a Neal Stephenson character who, as far as I know, has never been illustrated, who has the middle name of Percival, and who owned a chevaline. Which ALSO has never, as far as I've been able to find, been properly illustrated.

This is the physical basis for Owen Ralse.
Well, hell. Let's try that again:

Luke Perry as Jeremiah Cloutier was the key inspiration for Owen Ralse.

I got the idea for my character BEFORE SHE BECAME 'FAMOUS'

Khutulun from Marco Polo

Huh, well that didn't seem to upload...
Kirsten Geary, The Secret World

While there was no direct inspiration for my character, this pose/character summarizes them pretty well.

I wanted a Samoan girl with poofy hair.

That one football player guy was probably the original inspiration :P
This is what I meant to post!

Couldn't remember his name, but my husband told me. :P

Loosely-based on an old character from Star Trek Online.
I bet someone could really use this for some inspiration, huh?

My character that I'm currently on was intended to be a big idiot failure categorically unsuited for life in the corporate dystopia hellhole.

Visually the first inspiration was Daisy Eisenreid, a character from this cool art blog:

There's the main inspiration, although since its text based you can take it as gratis she isn't so... caricature-like, being a professional victim I choose a themesong that works as a sort of dirge:

And finally the backstory is just one long, sad decline into blackness because my fetish is being horribly horribly depressing. Still, maybe I'll become the worlds goofiest razor-girl or something.

Commissions ahoy!
I drew from quite a few sources, but this is clearly one I leaned more heavily on. Sulik, from Fallout 2:

These are awesome!
For the new Character!
She doesn't look like Sarah Josephine Baker at all, but anyone who's met my character will probably get a chuckle out of the similarities:

Hahahahahahaha! I love it Vera.
A mish-mash of both characters, appearance-wise while the attitude is based on my main character from Remnants of Earth.

Small frame.

Grey-blue eyes, purple lips, and purple fingernails.

Off, that didn't work. Lemme try again since I can't edit my previous post.

Just realized the pictures didn't load on my post like two weeks ago.

Inspiration for the new character.

@Beepboop: Great character art, but the contrast between the two pictures confuses me xD
My character the past week.

Clearly this video was very inspirational.




Interacting with Mixers

I... I think I might need to watch this show..
Last one, I SWEAR it, this made me ROFL...

(although this would likely get you killed IG)

The character I played previous to the one I'm playing now. (Although I had to leave him for a while, and once I returned felt I couldn't continue his story unfortunately.)

Was loosely based off of Wei Shen and Vincent from Sleeping Dogs.

Ok, fuck it, I lied, this one made me giggle...

Fresh immie goes toe-to-toe with badass corpie.

End goals.

Why does everyone seem to want to play a badass? Badasses are no fun, overdone, and just, meh, seen it before.

Anyway, MrDucky, when you're done with It's Always Sunny, be sure to watch Trailer Park Boys. First time I watched the first few episodes I was so high I thought it was reality TV, I almost shat myself laughing. The crew actually bought a condemned trailer park in, what was it, Vancouver? And shot the whole thing there, very low-budget, very much early best take kind of stuff, and it shows through the whole series. And it is so... STUPID it's hillarious.

This should be a familiar scenario to literally anyone in Red Sector.

Lmao. That's amazing.
My character (not sure if I'm allowed to say who) is largely inspired by two Sindome PCs (not sure if I am allowed to name them here), Hideo from Neuromancer and Kar from Bulletproof Monk.
My current is based heavily on Wei shen from Sleeping Dogs.

But I'm definitely going to do a character based on Elliot from Mr. Robot at some point, it'd fit the theme so well.

A mix of this and a similar character model in the Shadowrun 5e Core Rulebook (whose picture I cannot find online oddly enough). " />
I mostly had an idea of a very confused young person, and wanted a background that would make them think Withmore was an improvement in their life. The rest was fleshing that out. I've since found an image that I've used to build the appearance from, but it's a photo, not a piece of art.

I've enjoyed the process of developing the character and seeing how others came to be.

Also, along with the picture provided above, another inspiration for my character was Beanie Man (the dancehall/reggae artist).

" />

Clearly remember the concept behind Lena (first character) was Y.T. from Snow Crash. Fun fact: my intro to SD was done in concert with my boyfriend at the time. Within our first week in-city we definitely attempted to pickpocket Judge Murphy, which failed awesomely. And the boyfriend also later vindictively logged in as my character and flamed the staff and get me @newted, which I share because GUARD YOUR LOGINS!

Concept for Geronimo (second character) was high school history class, and he spent 90% of his time busking outside of the Drome (singing and getting drunk pretty much).

Concept for Navarre (third character)

Name: a nod to

Appearance: I was doing art projects for high school that required research into Indian art, henna, etc.

Fun fact: designed to be a short-term character to fill 8 weeks of vacation and then die of ...I had designed her condition with the aim of getting doctor characters more work to do (since this was pre-cyberware).

Concept for Goodman: I've always felt that the game is a great way to bring attention to important debates about the present day (ethics, identity, technology, religion) and wanted to challenge myself to see how intellectual concepts could be played out in a public way IC.

Goodman was a fun guy, shame I didn't see much of him.
And I've always seen Navarre as Anne from DE1. Always.
A young Japanese Ronin Orphan
My character's concept was loosely based on this dude. More of a 'where he might end' then a 'where he starts' of course.

Might as well be him, striking similarities.

Tom Cruise in this movie was the biggest inspiration.

Judge Dredd in Dredd Year One ebooks where he's young and eighteen fresh out of the Academy.
My biggest inspirations came have been Molly Millions from the Sprawl/Neuromancer series, Y.T. from Snowcrash, Peter Steele from the band Type O Negative and Carnivore, along with several people I know or have met with interesting personalities.
Let me try that again. I had absolutely no inspiration when making my character or direction besides their original goal they immigrated with. Then things happened and I tried to work with what I had, and thought, maybe I can make him like this guy Khaled Al-Asad from Call of Duty 4 because people change, with several twists. And after constant failure on his own behalf, from others, and enough insight into the world, he now ends up more like a depressive, bitter, reclusive, cynical Luke Skywalker in TLJ with striking similarities to paint the picture. And it's nice to see we're getting more attention as a sphere, Revex. Maybe something has to change for my character right? But I doubt it. I see him living the rest of his days a failure in his eyes and everyone elses, with no calling being enough. Too little, too late, as they say.
Didn't have any specific inspiration for my current character, but a quick look at this page made me figure out their 'type'... (

"13. Hinedere

Takes the icy nature of the kuudere and combines it with the arrogant attitude of the kamidere. Hinedere characters are very cynical and sarcastic, but will show their soft side when a character breaks through their shell."

Add a German accent and a very 'doctorly' way and you have my character, basically.

Oh, and the full name of my character is something I took from an old roleplay-character of mine from a different game. The personality and background is all new, however.

Unironically realized I naturally drifted into Marie Kanker's look and personality.

A little of this, a little of that.

[Noi from Dorohedoro, Rhea Ripley, Jesse Custer from Preacher, and Doom Lady]

A certain bartender.

^^^^ Photo I based my desc off of.


Who better to brave the streets of Withmore?

last is too small

sorry I'd delete it if i could @u@

A mixture of the charm and personality of this person...

Along with all the fun things that this girl (by the artist Aosora-sky) does that are just too graphic for me to describe here.
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.




Horrendously obvious, I'm afraid.

Big inspiration from the above mention, aaaaand these two absolute badasses.

Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa

Plus Helen of Troy

Plus Sharon Stone from Total Recall

Got massively bored while waiting for something, and made this.

After way too much time spent tracking down and installing Photoshop, screen capping a bunch of movies, and laughing at myself...

I bring you: Stereotypical Guy

My current living character's personality and interests were inspired by a different roleplay character of mine from another community (and completely different type of game, AKA not a MUD/MOO/etc.), the universe was an entirely different one too. But my character's name is from a completely different character of mine, from the same universe, that was basically a German full name that I turned into the English form of it. Sort of a literal translation, but the names are real.

Also loosely inspired by the musician Frank Iero earlier in his career (and younger), mostly appearance-wise.

For me, I actually didn't have any intention to play long on Sindome, so when I made my current character, I had intended to maybe play for a week to "see if the game grabbed me." lolololol.

So for my current character, I based her on a novel I had written several years ago. However, the world she was in is very, very different from Sindome, so I let that same character learn how to live in a cyberpunk environment, since the story she existed in is urban fantasy.

Other inspiration come from the photos, but I don't want to actually explain which ones are based on looks and which ones are based on personality. I'm thinking those who may know her will be able to figure it out. :)

Okay, the boards "upload image" button literally never works for me. Here's the image that was meant for my post:

I feel foolish for having not made this connection earlier.

It wasn't even my intention! 😂

CPAF Mother Teresa

“Pain and suffering have come into your life, but remember pain, sorrow, suffering are but the kiss of Jesus – a sign that you have come so close to Him that He can kiss you.”

“Suffering is nothing by itself. But suffering shared with the passion of Christ is a wonderful gift, the most beautiful gift, a token of love.”

“I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people.”

Good lord @HolyChrome those quotes in relation to Sindome. 😮
Fucking good, right?!
I accidentally made a lesbian version of

When I first joined Sindome I had it in my head that I'd make my character a lesbian for diversity (also for curiosity and to focus on story) but then I gradually realized y'all had that checkbox checked so hard the ink ran through to the next ten pages. 👍

'Nuff said.

Attempt 2, my inspiration.

Should be obvious who this fictional character is.


Attempt 3 because why not..... -.-

Oh my god, Evie, how appropriately horrifying!


I actually found some fanart of this character that is done cyberpunk-esque. Maybe you'll recognize another person from the same show in the background...

Okay, but at the core, this is my inspiration:

'Nuff said.


Heck yes you restore that honor 😍

She's amazing and I love her art <3

Just the first short mostly. Ray Smuckles is a constant inspiration both IC and IRL.

"We are the gods now."

One day.

Hmmm, current character was inspired by Tseng, of the Turks, (FF7 for you non nerds.) thrown in with a little dash of Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears.)
Inspiration for an old character.

Here is for mine!
Unearthed more art by Vinne that perfectly fits my character.
sewer ninjas at westun's:
i arrive

Thought about this when first writing up my char’s design
“Bushido is realized in the presence of death. This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. There is no other reasoning.”
The Inspiration for my character boiled to a science.
Ill never understand why Images never upload at the right size the first time. Sorry for cluttering. HOPING this works.

This guy.

This is a cute thread.
Never read any of the comics.
As I said, never read any of the comics.

My Hero Academia has been my main source of inspiration for almost a year now (or longer). Gonna post only some of the inspirations I've received from it.. for different characters, probably.

There's probably been more.

One failed. Re-try.

like do they rhyme guy with the other months too or

Art by Gogalking (i am fairly certain at least)

This was what i was picturing when I made my current. If you get the reference we can be friends.


Yeah its a weird mix.

I recently outed myself, but when I made my character I was listening to a handful of songs a lot, those were:


All had a hand in creating my character.

May the YouTube Gods be merciful...