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Selfie Thread!


1. Post selfie of you

2. Win

3. See 2

4. Costuming optional




On phone, forgive me.

So, I may've not clicked 'upload'. I'm not the smartest peanut in the gallery.

you only get half a face because im shy ok

Gosh. We are all super good looking.

A picture of me comparing myself to a cheesecake.

And because the other one is like six months old, here is a more recent one?

I don't take many selfies, since they always come out too grainy on my front-facing camera. Here's my most recent selfie though. (From last Christmas.)

Hopefully second time's the charm.

Theeeere we go.

Okay, this ones cheating a bit as it's 5 years or so out of date, but it's also in costume. I'm the smaller guy in the big fuck off coat.

damn it.


And now 5 or 6 years later with a hat to cover the fact that I have no hair ;)

Here's an oldie, from when trilbies still had a benign reputation:

You guys all look awesome. I want to be friends with youuuu.

Oh thtawp iiiiit~


I can see the character resemblance!

(Well, the resemblance to your avatar, at least.)

I'm taking that as an compliment ^^

In costume for gen con this year. Best 7 dollar wig ever.

Oh man Reinhardt looks badass.

This is from last week.

Dapper af


I couldn't resist.

I made it smaller but not tiny. (crosses fingers) 600x400

There we go.

Lycra costume is best

I was going to post a regular selfie when I got around to it. Then I went to Walgreens today and impulse bought a bat mask. Which is, in a nutshell, why I'm not allowed near stores in October. #instagramneedsadystopiafilter

This thread makes me so happy.

@Manywaters BUTTS

pls no bully

Everyone looks great :) Me 2015

It me

The man behind the mask.

So, you're saying you're on MY team, right?

I'd be your BLUFOR any day, Slither.

lol ok

oops forgot the image

Alas, I've been waiting excitedly for Halloween to post in this thread in costume, and it turns out that you can't really tell I am in the best photo I got today except for the wig. Oh well. Me, as my Sindome char, slamming Guinness:

Somebody said I look like Book Robb Stark, only with shorter hair.

I'm not complaining.

Work costume ...

I'm the one on the right.

Wearing something a bit revealing in this one. Don't be gross.

I'm a hot mamma.


Awesome pictures.

You and I seem to think alike, at least in this.


This is a fun thread.


I'm going dadstache for the rest of the year.

LOL @ Caffeine. Not what I was expecting at all. We had a PG-13 thing going but it's a solid R now.

*Joins the cool kids club*

lets be honest kuzco is the best

It's a me!

I lied. Now it's a me!

This is me.


Cute, KingCrab, cute.

This thread will always exist while I play.

Its a fun thread. Also, I take too many selfies.

Relaxing with my puppy, Shelley.

Maybe this time?

sick meme

Ok, how do I get it to actually upload and use the image?

I upload mine in tinypic.

I got fat!

And once more with feeling...

Is everyone hot in here or what?! LOl!

May as well post an updated picture :')


Let's try that again.

Maybe this time?

Maybe this way?

I heard someone say they wanted more stuffed animal pics?!

No makeup, but I got some new stage lighting and decided to try playing around with it in my room.

Whoa Vera

is me

is me #2

Don't have the actual photo, but I managed to snap this from the photographer's screen before he left.

Coconut is sexy.

Felt motivated to share after everyone was being bold.

Selfie Thread best thread. Everyone looks so wiz!

Agreed! I love seeing everyone!

I heard there was a conversation on OOC Chat about how I and 2nd in command because I am pretty.

That's so sweet.

Here you go:


-- S

when you're happy then remember you're ginger



Am I dumb? I uploaded it...

My last attempt.

This is a couple of weeks old from before work.

Sorry for the double post ×( I don't think it worked.

Okay this should work.

Well I guess I'll just have to share now.

Slither might be the finest bit-- lady at Red's.

Cuz everyone else did it.

Me in a suit... woot?

Pre-order now to get the picture for free...

(seriously, what am I doing wrong? xD)

Hmmm apparently upload doesn't work. Let's try the image tags, this should do it...

You even get some bonus neck work-out... *sigh* I quit.

I could post a classy photo. Or I could post a photo of me doing porny things to a cake pop.

P.S. Vera is hotter than a Bitchn' Cajun sammich. #creepin

img tags are the way to go. Put the image up on imgur and get the actual .jpg (or whatever) address and do it that way, but make sure it's an appropriate size and all of that. I don't know why but the forums are really super fussy about images.

also heeee thanks Taoimean. Do the cake pop one.

Goddamn it, BgBB, they DO want to see me giving that cake pop my come hither look. Fuck you.

Yeah, I figured... I was just trying to find a place to upload it that I would feel alright with. imgur was not my favorite idea, to be honest. Oddly enough, the picture's orientation was fine on the browser though, so... that's odd. But one does not argue with the machine I suppose.

At any rate, thank you :)


Also... I kind of had fun turning my head sideways!

Haha, as long as it was worth it, right? :P

I tried putting glitter on my lips the other day. It didn't really work. :P

Halloween costume for the company party last year was 'Cell-shaded wildgiller'. And yes. I literally have that much makeup on. Bathroom before work for like two hours.. painted clothing over a couple days. I won a little gold headless skeleton statue.

Worth it.

Today was my birthday. I drank a blue thing.

Happy birthday Taoimean!

I don't really know you guys very well but far be it from me not to jump off a bridge when I see everyone else jumping off, too.

Got my photoshoot! Here you go, a link to imgur instead of each one individually:

Happy birthday, Taoimean :)

it was nice lighting in da room.

It's been said a few times already, but you guys are a pretty damn good looking group of individuals. We should sell calendars.

Hahaha! I came here to say the exact same thing. So many hotties on Sindome!

Hahaha! I came here to say the exact same thing. So many hotties on Sindome!

I'm quite new to this community. Hello. :3

1. I don't even know how I double posted.


Thank you. :)

Since I play a female character in game, here is a photo of me dressed in drag.

Let's try this again....

I really love this thread.

I think I -might- qualify for the inside of the back cover of the calendar, but only because my puppy is so cute :)

And since the Dome is so dark and depressing, here's a photo from Disneyland, to break it up a bit.

And you look like a Disney Prince.

Flattery, my dear lady... you really make me blush :)

From my rehearsal today, such a pretty place to sing in.

Feel free to play Where's Waldo, and guess which one I am.

Are you the brunette all the way against the far wall, just left of the organ cutout?

... yes. WOW, you are good.


Love it.

I might take too many selfies. Also, I might like looking at this thread too much for my own good.

I don't really take many pictures, but I like looking at this thread as well. And this lady looks as cute as she always does.

Might as well join in on the bandwagon of debauchery.

might as well, what chu got?

Take 2:

No hope.

Dun dun duuunnnnn


Took me quite a few tries the first time as well... Things I learned: the upload button is a trap...

New lesson: "img" tags are your friends unless you try to reference them by actually putting them in a tag... in that case they ruin your syntax *sigh*

Also, damn Foxx.... you have some really impressive eyes!

I love these pics so much.

No costume pics yet, but FanExpo is quickly approaching. ;o)~

end suffering pls

@idea: Hey Slither, can you plz host a selfie tutorial event cuz these people all got mad skillz and I am stuck failing at the basics. Srsly takes me like 20 minutes and 10 takes just to frame myself, and that's shooting my own reflection in a mirror. K Thnx bye.

I am putting this image behind a link due to my outfit being sort of provocative, so heads up before you click it at a church or preschool!

I'm in a band and decided to make a crown out of 5.56 casings, partially inspired by something I saw in Sindome.

Normally I wouldn't cover a watermark but this is for privacy purposes, so

in desperate need of a tan

what i look like without spending 30 minutes setting up the angle + forget to shave + haven't washed my hair with super hippie hair elixirs in probably over a week

ancient photo tho

Super Plus Ultra Rare Meme Queen sighting

coconut u pretty

caffeine too, gosh

this is a pretty game

since all my other selfies are at least like 6 months old here's one from today.

My latest horrific selfie aattempt.

A few days ago.

Me and tentacle kitty are BFFs.

Kitty! :D

Hi, wanna watch real people die with me?

That can only be one person.

Cyberpunk night at the goth club.

Moist inducing picture right there.

Did that work?

No, you have to use the actual image url you pooh.

I am the law

So before anyone hates on me for necroposting, when I first joined this community I really wanted to post on this thread, that was back in May and now I feel ready to share :D

Tame me with a pretty sick white chocolate bubble tea.

Untame me with an American beer, my buddies online kept bothering me with this Yuengling stuff. I gotta' say, it tastes just like a Budweiser to me. My inner patriot says Molson Canadian is better." />" />" />" />

As someone who detests beer, I assure you Yuengling is different! I can't drink Budweiser, but I can drink Yuengling.

I was told that I should just drink beer until I liked the taste...

I found new friends instead.

Hate on you for Necro-Posting? Never!

On the plus side; I need to post a newly updated selfie!

Well since you're all posting now, I'll take the chance to fix my INITIAL post.

That's tame me, with a bubble tea. Fingers crossed the image posts or I'm giving up on BGBB forever." />" />

That is like some Hunter S Thompson level adventure time right there.

Some updates.

Let's try that again.

I got this in the mail yesterday. Sometimes spam mail

I look different with various angles. My selfies look nothing like my headshots which look nothing like my press stuff. Cameras are kind of a lie, man.

So here's three pictures.

Me in makeup, a more masculine, gender-neutral me.

A more feminine me.

Somebody in-between, sometimes.

Let's try this again.. first time posting an image here :)

Here, have another one. My fifth post in this thread, right?

I love how your shirt has a duck on it!

(cause I'm an anonymous coward that still wants to jump on the selfie wagon)

Picture from a military ball :)

You can sort of see the christmas tree in the reflection. Starting the festivities early!

Y'all smokin'.

Yes. You're correct. I am smokin'.

Also before anyone asks, no, I am not transgender or anything like that. I go by He, I just like to crossplay at conventions.

I got a new shirt today.

Kittycat couch time!!

I look like trash.

PS: I'm also too lazy to crop, not shamlessly plugging my IG!


Reposting because it got lost in the void:

I got a new hoodie ;3

I post too many selfies in this thread.

Elliott aka Gl1tch

Well, mm... Hi!


Fuck it. I'm just pasting the link:

p.s. Looking at those lips I find a hard time believing you aren't wearing makeup! ;)

(I always forget), the BGBB img tags have to use a link that ends in a image file, in my experience, to load properly. I usually use stuff on here, the character art thread, whatever.


Here's me looking like your average Red's bouncer.

Street Judges have to train daily while working day and night to uphold the Law against Chaos.

Here's one.

I hope this sexy snowmobile selfie isn't too lewd/revealing:

Banned for indecent exposure

As I'm a self centered narcissits who needs peer approval to feel validated. Here I drop you another selfie ;p

Small selfie of me looking rad in a party. I'm sure I'd get arrested if I was up at Green looking like this, all masked.

Felt left out.

@Sara I'm jelly of your teef.

And dis me ;)

Another gym selfie because I like taking gym selfies.

The mask I wear is a High Altitude Training mask. Does it do anything? Makes cardio harder, but not much else.

As a wise man once said.

"no ranger, you just look like discount bane"


Ooooh I see how it is! Battle of the filters!! Haha :)

Somebody say filter?! I win! ;D (Cute pet? Check. Heavily filtered? Check. ASCII? Check. Selfie? Check.)

Shit. Can't compete with that.

Shit. Can't compete with that.


Stooop distracting me from RP with your cute and funny pictures!!

@Diani - you totally win! Too many adorable pic pets here!! And selfies to :)

I concede defeat.

I got a haircut and a shave.

Look good?

Day #3 of being sick.

My little toy kittycat feels the same way I do.

You tempted me

Who need filters? Another work selfie!


another... gym... picture...

It's another me!

I think I've posted too many selfies in this thread...

Pff Ducky. Gonna over take ya.

My face when I hear them Bokken Boyz at it again

Attempt 2

I've realised that I don't post enough selfies, so here's another one :)

Hey SD, got your facebook question

Since you asked,

I joined for the @stats me ASCII face feature

But I stayed for the Selfie Thread


Brotox is how I imagine TERRA immies. Right before shit goes down.

Me at 14,114 feet.

Me at 14,114 feet. (redux)

Me at 14,114 feet. (Once more with feeling ... Seriously image linking shouldn't be this difficult)

Here's one of me.

I haven't selfied in a while.

yes, another gym photo im sorry

sorry for looking beat as fuck, had a cardio day

tired ranger about to go to the fucking light

just got mah hair cut

Looks great :)

I'm a dog.

I'm a dog.

Hey, so am I! How about that. This is a slightly older picture though. I will take a new one soon, with my cute mohawk.

I'm at a LARP convention.

Dead eyed Puritan:

Foppish Doctor:

I want that coat, Slither.

This is from yesterday:

smh cerberus baby face =/= being 12..............

Selfie with my new kitten! Princess Rocky Road Marshmallow Fluff.

Look at me!

Been a while but there we go.

ive been playing too much far cry 5......

Twelve Ducky isn't enough.

Have some more!


im trying the whole beard thing


second try. if not, I give up.

This is for you Royce, Cause you suck at markup.

Guys and girls, you're so dreamy in your pics. Now I need to post my selfie too. *looks in her phone gallery* Ah, well, later.. I need to take some and maybe Photoshop. :D

Aww you people are so gorgeous and lovely <3 and look like you'd all be awesome friends.

Spot the corporate security member in a corporate meeting

censored because I don't want privacy laws to fuck me over because sharing pics without consent is bad..

hulking man wearing a grey suit jacket


Sindome Staff selfie ftw

He looks very disappointed with something.


I hate having my picture taken, I was not prepared, he got the jump on me, and that is why I am making a dumb face. :P


My new hoodie came through today that I designed and got printed. I love it so I'm sharing it everywhere. Here's me showing it off in Selfie Form :D

A good alien knows how to mimic humans. Don't be mislead, this is a femme fatale. I don't recognise myself either. (Can be deleted anytime>.>)'s the photoshopped version. Put colour eyes lol

40th Birthday Party Selfie.

I don't turn 40 for another 5 days, though!!

it's me fuckers

I'm the fella.

Its was raining tonight and I had to walk home from work. :(

I bought this sweater the other day and I'm in luv with it.

Much skill geoux

I R a real person

I R only a real person, if I hit the 'upload' button (or use Imgur apparently)

Ducky I found you online:

lol, I'm real I promise :') if that's what you meant by that yike.

I may update you all once the beard is gone. It's going sometime in the next few days. Because I look like a hobo right now.(#IGrewThisIn4Months)

putting my brows on the line this time.


New hoodie day and also some new pins for my bag ;3

Nice hoodie. Is it reversible?

It's not :(

I wish it was though because the inside of hood is greyscale skulls and it looks amazing.

Here, Have another me!

Picture of me with a close family friend a few years back. Sweetest old guy you'll ever meet.

My name Jeff.

Me, Hidden behind a camera. I should have photoshopped a Santa hat in to make it more festive appropriate.

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. Have two selfies of me in a row.

New hat hype.

Such beauty.

Revex! Where is your hair?

There's not enough me in this thread.

Oh cool, a selfie thread!

Y'all are fantastic, btw.

hi am cop now