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Sindome Memes 6
Don't stop the Star Wars memes, Ranger!

Get in, loser. We're going plotting.

Missed opportunity to make Karen a certain weather girl. Disappointed in you, ynk.
Oh, ynk, you want more Star Wars memes? We're going to be here a while.

When a mixer reports a crime to a judge

I don't think this one even needs a caption, honestly.

(In the time it took me to censor this image, there were 2 additional posts to the thread)

I didn't make this i found it

@Baguette: That is why I have Ideas and Anything Really notifications muted.
Day 3 of trying to figure out a Chef's Island


I am so disappointed in you Ranger.
bruh moment

has watched ghost in the shell once

>the live action one

having a joygirl gf
Reaction when SIC is lit with drama that you had nothing to do with

having to deal with or observe dumb drama

when you've got no fucking clue what the thinks are trying to tell you

Prime Solo Strategy here.

Street deathball

when your output leaves you because of your new mods

When a mixer sees their first holo-ad:

When a mixer sees their hundredth holo-ad:

Holiday events in other games:

Holiday events in Sindome:

That literally happened this morning, I kid you not.
Happy 'Alladays!

Here's a dump of memes that I thought weren't the best, but combined they're maybe good enough!

Day 2 Immies:

This one came out small somehow:

Mix storytime:

I don't know how this one wasn't made for Sindome specifically:

How to name your new mix character:

UE / flat Earth crossover


Me having ANY kind of ooc communication in SD with other people, specially the staff.

(Jordan Peele is my spirit animal)

Ergo, too accurate before I've had my coffee, both to SD and in RL.
I think we need to start naming these threads like 'Winter 2019 Memes' and 'Sprint 2019 Memes'. Whoever makes the next one, please do.
PC's during literally any storm


Fucked up my first tags for some reason likely related to having a new keyboard.

Hahaha Rhea I'm dead. Those are great.
Rhea firing shots in every direction
@ynk: You took the words out of my mouth, that meme was delish.
When you see a studdly ad just can't refuse all those enticing features:

A few for your viewing pleasure.

Talon, I laughed uncontrollably at the "what bugs" meme! Good show.
I bring you the first memes of this year.

Immy's one month of relationship in

Why we need drugs to be addable to food.

My hopes for some Incoming customizations code from Johnny.

Fucking hell apparently I had that last image saved twice, actual hope for custimations code from johnny is here.

Regarding the new adjectives:

I love how the ad is just "eff baseball, hit people."

Ace Hardware is on-theme AF.

When you just barely pass a disguise roll enough to @disguise_name


When The Judges ask a mixer to empty their pockets.

and then he runs off 🤣
Ohhhh maaaannn, Ox.
Have some OC

oh no this isn't the selfie thread...


absolutely fucking everyone when grid 3 happens

when the oldbie's afraid they're going too hard with plot but the newbie's loving it

when the oldbie goes off about the way shit used to be

Literally pubSIC:

I'm gonna let this speak for itself.

"We literally only have enemies now." 🤣
A bespoke meme just for you, Stiza13

When you walk and talk a big game but then get your ass handed to you by four midget lesbians.

*Nervous laughter*

Immies sure grow up fast.
@bad_idea me "An imaginary crab scuttles onto your shoulder and holds up a sign that says . o O ( %a ) before vanishing."

bitMuse is in here burnin like a WCS incinerator
me remembering that only violins and guitars are available in game

There is so much truth in this recent stream of memes. I feel attacked.


Whenever I make about five typos in a row:


ooc forget it you get what i mean

Did you know Mavis Beacon isn't a real person? She's just a robotic AI reincarnation of the greatest street sam to have ever typed.
Time to call myself 'booby' on SIC now.

You know who you are.
hyper-specific Ideas post that only affects you

You all are too good at memes.
In honor of Super Tuesday: Sindome Memes - GONE POLITICAL!

Thinking you are tough on your first day.
So I never liked It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Then recently I saw an episode and was like, "this sounds like some dumb mixer plot." And now the show is hilarious, imagining all of the characters as mixers.

Damn YNK, I've loved Sunny for a long time and never drawn that parallel before. Good shit!
That one rapper.
when you got pds but still want the weak flesh

when its 12 am dst and you talk on sic

miami dome wildlife, or one specific unlucky withmore citizen :)

I lost it during the transcript.


Wow what are the odds that so many Japanese immies come from these remote locations?? 🤣

Hardmode: Choosing Japanese and using SIC only for speech.

Casual reminder that foreign immigrants should speak their native language and English, or choose degrees of fluency in each and the fact that they can't is silly.

Also, everyone who takes artistry:

I am bad at posting.

Corporate HR:

@ynk, it's been three minutes now and I'm still laughing.
@DoveCage: Thanks! 😁

I found this on the internet and I relate to it:

Been a while since I've dropped some.

Life on the lev:

After that first week or two are up: