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OOC Info: The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.
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There are four main grades of armor available to Withmore citizens. A fifth grade of armor, produced by Withmore Armament Incorporated (WAI) was reserved solely for members of the Withmore Justice Force (WJF) but has been replaced since early 2097 by a ZMI variant designed with the assistance of key WJF personnel.


Developed by Zircon Matsua Industries (ZMI), Xo5 body armor has high stopping power against all bladed weapons, blunt weapons, and small arms fire.

  • Xo5 battle cuisse
  • Xo5 battle helmet
  • Xo5 chest plate
  • Xo5 codpiece
  • Xo5 combat boots
  • Xo5 combat vambrances
  • Xo5 environmental bodysuit


neXus armored clothing. Stylish armored clothing with good protection against bladed and blunt weapons. Minimal protection against ammunition of all calibers.

  • neXus mirrorshades (multiple colours available)
  • neXus plastic mesh jacket
  • neXus synth-hide boots
  • neXus synth-hide codpiece
  • neXus synth-hide dress
  • neXus synth-hide skirt
  • neXus trilayer synth-hide trenchcoat

ProTek Proline

This armored clothing line is targeted at people who rely on armored protection for their jobs – guards and off-duty law enforcement. It is slightly more expensive than the neXus line, but has some stopping power against small caliber ammunition.

  • ProTek Proline boots
  • ProTek Proline codpiece
  • ProTek Proline flak jacket
  • ProTek Proline helmet
  • ProTek Proline mirrorshades
  • ProTek Proline nanoweave dress
  • ProTek Proline nanomesh gloves
  • ProTek Proline nanoweave pants
  • ProTek proline nanoweave shirt
  • ProTek Proline nanoweave skirt
  • ProTek Proline trench coat


This armored clothing line draws on Mix fashion and functionality.

  • Du-Wear combat boots
  • Du-Wear synth-hide jumpsuit
  • Du-Wear codpeice
  • Du-Wear synth-hide pants
  • Du-Wear synth-hide duster
  • Du-Wear synth-hide jumpsuit
  • Du-Wear flak jacket

Other Information

The Ambrosia Corporation, a subsidiary of ViriiSoma, is currently developing a bio-armor. They were in talks with ZMI and WAI though negotiations have hit a wall since the head of the Ambrosia Corporation, Vali Rodric vanished in mid 2094.

Additional armor, including flak jackets, may be issued to corporate security forces for the duration of their employment.

The Tactical Emergency Response and Resistance Agency (TERRA) uniforms are not armored.