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Neural Processor

From The Mind
OOC Info: The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.

The Saedor Krupp Neural Processor acts as a link from every other cybernetic implant and the brain. Unless the implant is designed to work independently or based on localized neural connections of limbs, lower spinal chord and the like it will need the Neural Processor to function.

Consisting of a silicon matrix that interfaces with the more primal part of the brain, the neural processor translates information to and from the brain. By doing that it allows the user to communicate correctly with other implants and by doing so lowers the overall prices of most cyberware.

When equipped with a display system, a thought command from the user will poll each connected cybernetic implant for status and forward that ouput to the display system.