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Judge Patrick Murphy is probably the most highly regarded, professional Street Judge in Withmore City's history. Commissioned in 2086, December 2096 marked his tenth year as a Judge.

[edit] Background

Patrick Murphy was born in on February 7th 2058 in Dublin, Ireland and served there as a constable (Gardai) for several years before resigning and relocating to Withmore.

[edit] Personal Life

Routinely refusing comment and interviews alike, little is known about the Judge's personal life both before his arrival to Withmore or during the decade he's served as a Street Judge.

Barely ever spotted off duty or out of uniform, the exceedingly rare times he has been spotted during downtime have always been in the company of a lady. Though something of a celebrity himself (as far as Street Judges go), most of the women he's been seen with had been unknowns, with the notable exception of his former partner Allandra Johanson.

Then in a live city-wide television broadcast on May 15th 2097, media personality and Korova manager Navarre Russo formally announced that she and Patrick Murphy had been having a relationship for some time. Reactions were mixed, expressions of both support and condemnation from the public accompanied by death threats made over the public SIC during the broadcast, prompting Russo to comment: 'Rather get it over with and get on with our lives than leave this city thinking we're anything but meant to be together' and issue a challenge - she would carry a briefcase containing one million chyen for a week which was there for the taking by anyone who dared. No 'winner' was ever announced, and there has not been disclosure as to how many attempts were made or by whom.

Though the Judge has never been captured on camera without his helmet, he has been described multiple times on the public SIC channels as 'so dreamy'. These reports remain largely unconfirmed.

[edit] Professional Life

Upon being commissioned as a Street Judge, he briefly partnered with Judge Gerik Phillips after which he spent several years partnered with Judge Allandra Johanson. Among his most famous operations were handling The Drome Bomb Threat, the eventual capture and cryogenic suspension of Gerik Phillips in 2087, as well as a plethora of anti-gang crackdowns. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he has handled cases pertaining to almost every major criminal in the late 2080s and early 90s. In 2089 was found crucified at the corner of Knife Street and Fuller Street by TERRA Agent Adlai Hatcher. Some time following his crucifixion, Judge Murphy left Withmore City on temporary leave from the Withmore Justice Force and returned to active duty in 2095. More information on his more public investigations and peacekeeping actions is available through back issues of the Withmore Globe on the GRID.

An avid marksman, during the course of his career he developed and perfected a number of shooting techniques aimed specifically at enhancing the effectiveness and stopping power of handguns in the age of widespread nanoaugmentation and cyberization, particularly versus such implants as the Saedor-Krupp Pain Editor Chip.

Over the course of 2096, also acted as a WJF consultant for ZMI during the development of the new WJF Tactical Armor, meant to replace the aging WJF Attack Armor developed well over a decade ago by WAI. Judge Murphy then personally field-tested the armor for several months to ensure it met his stringent requirements, before limited deployment began in the second quarter of 2097.