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Red Sun Martyr Brigade

From The Mind
OOC Info: The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.
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For nearly three decades, the Red Sun has been known among corporate and government circles for widespread acts of terrorism throughout all of the Offworld colonies. At the height of the Failed Insurrection, the Red Sun's reach extended as far in as Venus, and as far out as Charon, but their strength was concentrated on Mars, and out in the Asteroid belt, where anti-corporate sentiments were felt strongest, and old angers ran deepest. Officially, the Red Sun constituted the military arm of what was then called the Free Space movement, a large group of colonial citizens who felt that Terran interests should not hold sway in the growth and direction of the Offworld colonies. Unofficially, they were hardened resistance fighters, trained in all major forms of guerilla warfare, waging a battle against UN, ION, and corporate forces for control of the Offworld infrastructure. Their primary goal was the complete emancipation of Mars from what they deemed Terran control. With the emancipation of what the Red Sun considered their homeworld, the Red Sun would begin attacks in earnest on all major Offworld interests, starting with the Jove and its lunar colonies. But the catastrophic decompression of the Tharsis colony in 2070 sidetracked the Red Sun's plans for interplanetary dominion. The decompression of Tharsis killed an estimated fifty-thousand colonists, was labelled an act of war by the UN Security council, and was in fact a botched raid on the colony's environmental control facility by Red Sun insurgents. Within months, hard-vac marines were shuttled in from all parts of the Offworld colonies, bringing the fight for the Sol system to the Red Sun's front door. IP cruisers blockaded Mars, bombing suspected insurgent strongholds from high orbit with precision-guided bombs and heavy weaponry, while on the ground, hard-vac marines, led by the toughest marine battalionthe 33rd Infantry, nicknamed the Angels of Death engaged in street to street battles with a highly sophisticated foe.

By 2075, the battle for Mars, historically named the Failed Insurrection, had left the Red Sun and its parent group, the Free Space Movement, a broken shell of its former power. Constant battles with corporate-backed UN forces tore through the ranks that at its greatest were an estimated twenty thousand-strong. The blockade of Martian aerospace left Red Sun field operatives marooned, stranded across a hundred score settlements while the main fight dragged on to its bloody end on the Red Sun homeworld. Attrition through capture, death, and desertion devastated the ranks of the Red Sun's insurgent armies, while the daily destruction of provisions and weaponry depleted the materials which kept the insurgent war machine going. It wasn't until 2079, when a group of what are being called the Final Thousand, the last Martyrs who remained at large throughout the fighting of the last nine years and presumably the remaining leaders of the Martian insurgency, were finally hunted down and cornered on a remote Kuiper asteroid. After three intense days of fighting, the Final Thousand committed mass suicide as UN forces hard breached the Red Sun's last active stronghold, destroying themselves and a large contingent of UN hard-vac troops in what can only be described as the explosion of a tactical nuclear weapon.

An extensive sweep of the Offworld colonies yielded poor results in the hunt for any remaining survivors of the Red Sun insurgency. In the course of the three years following the conclusion of the Failed Insurrection and the death of the Final Thousand, only two purported Red Sun Martyrs were discovered one in hiding on Europa, and another among the mining colonies of the asteroidsbut surprisingly, there were hundreds of mothballed outposts hidden, some in plain sight, others more stealthily, throughout the whole of the Sol system. Several in particular caught the attention of those sent to root out the remaining Red Sun threat, including no less than three orbital cloning facilities, each housing the latest in proscribed Lone Star cloning technologies.