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VS Muscle Graft I

From The Mind
OOC Info: The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.
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This injection is designed to cause muscle hypertrophy in order to build up mass and allow for greater strength. Nanomachines enter into the blood stream and attack the muscle fibers causing trauma which triggers a response from satellite cells to repair the damage. The nanomachines then increase this process and fuse to the damaged muscle fiber to form new muscle protein strands which accelerate the thickness and mass of growing muscle fiber. It takes full effect in about 24 hours and does not fade over time.

This injection can be given with a Nanogenic Hypodermic and was created and sold by ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals. It is only available as a series one biological compound.