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character arts thread 2.0
new and improved, maybe?

Hello! Just cause the other thread got so long, I was encouraged to start a new thread. Here we go. Some screenshots from Fallout 4 of how I sort of envisioned my guy.
PLEASE don't use the forum's upload function as it doesn't work


1. go to

2. upload your image there

3. copy the DIRECT URL link (it must end in .jpg, .png, or whatever extension your image is)

4. paste the DIRECT URL link between [img ] [/img ] tags, such as this: [img ]link[img /]

5. ????

6. profit

Lets hope I don't fuck this up, I promised myself I would be mildly productive today so here's a sketch.

Hopefully if this character's tailor see's this she won't be too mad at me for butchering her clothes heheh.


Nice style. No character names though please.
Oops, if someone wants to edit that out.. It doesn't look like we can edit our own posts.

Thanks by the way.

Edit: Not my art, just reference until I make some time to draw.
Concept Art / Comic character, from a friend of mine.

Interesting. I haven't had this problem before. I used the proper img in brackets with the jpg link.

I will try it another time:

Colored version

Am sure to some of you,he might be familiar.

2 things: 1. Sorry for bad camera quality. 2. Sorry for bad skills in traditional media!

Hah! Awesome stuff! :-D
Been a rough year.


Good shading and use of light in your colors.

All the pictures in both thread are neat! Nice job to the artists.

this will never stop being funny to me

None of these turned out the way I wanted them to :c


Thank you so much, I'm grinning like a handsome idiot
I want to make something of my own (if I can only find my damned Apple Pencil! :/), but for now I found something that feels very similar to my character. It's still a rather fresh character so you probably won't know it, maybe some people will have an idea once I can make my own drawing of him.

dayquil nightquil always drawing finequil

Coughs gently as it appears in the thread.

Remember to post in the Facebook Character Arts page if you'd be okay for these to be shared on the Sindome Facebook page!

Gotta love ill-fitting cheongsams. At least she looks happy.

Beautiful characters everyone! Keep it up! I'll get around to drawing mine after I finish the show Im designing.
My character Nevada, aka John Waterford, lines and color

ach, didn't realize no character names. someone can edit it out, maybe?
Ahhhh Jeannisti that's so freakin cool!
A friend's character

Thanks, Supermarket!

oops, retry of friend's character.

Loving this style, especially the clothes!
More, more, more!
Alright, another, a now-dead character:

I love your style! More!
Thanks for the responses, you guys! Ask and ye shall receive:

Nice, Diani!

My most recent attempt at drawing things..Didnt get any of the tattoos I wanted drawn in but I chose this pose..Thankyou YouTube tutorials.

Remember to post these over in the Facebook thread so we can post them to the Facebook page!

Because the above dude can't post his picture after the many times it's been explained how... Even got explained in post #2

Not my art, at all. Credit goes to random deviant art artist (vianaarts) found via google search. But this is a very good drawing done on paper with ballpoint pen. It is also very close to how I picture my character. One day I, too, shall have a commission done!

Until then, let me be jealous of this art skill.

Since I don't know how to do this...

Oh hey! I've seen that artwork before too on dA!

For images on imgur, you usually need to right click or "ctrl + click" the image and "open image in new tab". Then, copy and paste a link that ends with ".png", ".jpg" or ".gif" or whatever. And you type "[IMG *** ]YOUR LINK OVER HERE [/IMG]"

But take out the asterisks.

So like:

Oh! Awesome, alright. Thank you!
Step by step picture tutorial on how to upload pictures from imgur.

First, get your link. In this case, I'll use the last post in this thread.

Step two, right click on the image, and press open image in new tab.

Step three. You should open -just- the picture now in a new tab. Make SURE that it has a .png or .jpg or whatever at the end as an extension in the link.

Finally, put the tags in the forum board and post the picture. Like this.

Voila! Now post reply.

Great art style! Keep it up!
Interesting perspective. Love the use of red.
So cool to see the diversity in style in everyone's work. It's inspiring.

And thanks! Been trying to get more loose/expressive, trying more extreme angles. The red was very much a Persona 5 inspired incident. :3

Goddamn. I love your work Jeannisti. So cool.
More more more! I love all these art styles!
That looks like a very dangerous holster!
commission for a friend:

Yessssss. How much do you charge? Take all my money.
Hey Jameson, if you'd like to commission me, send me an email at jackharper13 at the email service provided by google (take that, robots).
Found something I liked and feels resembles him closely, no art cause I suck.

Reminds me of World of Darkness RPIs, it was basically a game of who can find more attractive portraits, haha.
That's subjective to the viewer. I just felt that picture captured him accurately, down to the expression.
Jeannisti, posting your email on the forums is super frowned upon.
What Vera said. No name dropping either when posting art/portraits please, it's not kosher.

That said, nice art work. You've stolen this forum for now.

My bad, didn't know. Out of curiosity, how does one attempt to make contact with people OOC then? there's no private message system between accounts, is there?
your not supposed to have contact OOC, its like a big NO. however some people start threads and put their emails up if they want to do commissions. ive seen it done twice.
And people would be cool if I did that?
No they would not. Please do not do that.
probably not, but other people have done it and i believe the threads are still up, so. try it, and if it gets taken down it gets taken down.
Please do not advocate cheating, Cyberkitty. This was a huge huge issue like a week ago. The only reason that stuff doesn't get deleted immediately is because editing posts on these boards is a huge pain.
i didnt know that, manywaters did it ages ago and the admins never had an issue with it.
Do not share your email with anyone. Art commissions are not worth ruining the IC/OOC divide over. This is a pvp game and discussing it OOC with other players is a huge no no. There is a gigantic wall of yellow text warning you that this is a bannable offense every time you log in. We just lost like a dozen players over this. Stooop iiiit.
If you want to do character commissions, do the characters that you see IC like you have been, or take previous art and do it in your style. Doesn't break the IC/OOC divide.
There is a simple way to find out if something is allowed or not, and it involves xhelping and asking your question.

Yes, we frown heavily upon posting your email on here, it sets a terribly bad standard because we don't want you all communicating OOCly. For something like art commissions, we have made exceptions in the past but typically those people have requested permission first, and we have discussed it on the admin side.

Please xhelp and talk to an admin.

All noted, sorry for opening a can of worms, wasn't trying to overstep any bounds.
I wuv her so much.
Oh! Noticed someone commented on my art thread earlier. :) I asked admin permission before I posted it. <3
I'll be curious to see if anyone recognises her, I'll be happy if you do :)

Some dude.
Also, credit to Jeannisti

I commissioned Jeannisti and it came out absolutely spectacular.

10/10 would recommend.

Here's a link to the page where he posted his information with permission from the admin.

Amazing work.
Jeannisti is pretty damn good.

Oh my GODDD <3
Holy fuckballs that's amazing.

my dude, drawn by Supermarket!

I am screaming (in my head)

So good!!

Berserker-packin' man and a half! Dynamite!

My nefarious chummer. Credit to Supermarket on the art. 5/5 on yelp. Super cool and helpful.


GUH, hopefully that works.

Grizzly: check the file again and you'll get the un-watermarked version, poor guy!

Durrrrrrr. Lol. Thanks.

Finally finished my character art! Now I need the flash to buy the clothes.

I love all of these.
Art by goat13 on tumblr, based of Koumori Kuroko from Murcielago.

No idea who this is, but love it!
Here's a cropped detail image of that picture, for extra use/enjoyment:

Holy shit. You guys are SO talented!
Oh, I didn't do that one, it was an art trade! <3
You're still so talented anyway, Manywaters <3

But I love their take on your character.


Not my work.

Done by the amazing Yshiara. :)

Loving all the character art! Now to raise funds or subtlely hint that I would love my character doodled in all his colorful glory *nudge nudge wink wink*. Keep up the wonderful work all!

I know right, Dawnshot? I normally didn't think I'd ever pay for a comm, but I did and it turned out amazing. Worth all the funds.

Credits to Reinamie on Tumblr

I found this forgotten in one of my folders :d

Definitely not my art, but what I based my girl on.
back with a vengeance

Was a surprise gift. Don't know if the character actually sees themself like this. :P

Just rediscovered this forgotten sketch of another character from awhile back.

No idea if they're still alive or not, but here ya go :p

Love it, Suerat!
Thank you!
Not really based on any IC events:

There are some amazing artists here... the start of my character. Still working on it, but I'm slow.

Take 2?

First attempt at coloring

Nice job, BlazingCoconut!
Character has changed enough to warrant a completely new portrait, calling this one done:
Let's try this again:
Your link needs to be the direct link so it needs to end with ".img", ".png" or ".gif" even.


Okay, figured it out...I hope:
New year, new character.

Okay folks, if you want to have nice things, you need to be adults. Posting NSFW nude drawings of dicks is uncool. I've deleted them, and further posting of such images here or elsewhere on the forum will result in you losing your ability to post on the BGBB entirely.

I mean, come the heck on people.

A very rough sketch of one of my characters. I'm pretty bad at drawing using a tablet, but I'm slowly getting better. I might re-draw it later, make it look less shitty.

Quickly coloured her. I don't know how to shade!

First time prowling around in the past six-nine months, just thought I'd see how you're all doing and drop off a lovely commission I had done by everyone's favorite Seurat AKA IANMAC. Enjoy.

I never thought I'd pay for an art commission before, but I decided to make a request for the first time and I gotta say, I am very satisfied to have my character visualized. <3

By The Quincil.

Beautiful, floofy, and.. MYSTERIOUS
Ikr? I love it so much.
Just had to say "wow" on that beautiful pic, Stelpher!
I was acknowledged~

But I'm afraid I can only claim responsibility for the idea, Seurat was the one who actually did the arting.

Not sure if this counts as a character art, but I figured The Sims 4 could do a better job than I could, maybe.

My favorite diva.

Wow! These are some awesome character arts. You guy's are awesome =D

Same character, year difference.

I normally don't like my own art but I'm feeling bold today. Enjoy the bastard named Panda.

(Lazy render that's only half rendered.)

(Edgy art I made for the rainy day he ever turns into a mean murder boy.)

I have more of him but, idk. :-V

Love it!
Decided to sketch something in more of a graphic novel action style.
Nice to see what she looks like hour! Awesome sketches.
Oldie of El Voido by Stonemonk.
I remember that dood

The absolute girl. SD appropriate commission in the works.

Very awesome stuff.
Heroforge lets you create your character for a printable base (you can either order it or download it, or just mess around and take a pic). There's scifi stuff in there, but this base creator is friendlier to combat types.

I think this is pretty nice and wouldn't mind getting a figurine at some point.


"Here to help!"




Because showing your face is for chumps.

Not same char, things happen. Wanna get some real art for him soon-ish.

Seven Ecks, left versus the Red Ike, right. Setting is a lev filled with bodies.

More on it's way in the coming months.

Cosplaying as a space marine with a replica rifle, or something. :p

A fantastic commission done by Jeannisti, I highly recommend contacting them via the commission thread if you're looking to have made for your character.

A boy! Wonderful little murder gremlin. (Art was commissioned from an artist on patreon :-3c)

Okay, finally got some art made for my fresh character. Am having something bigger worked on too, but this specific piece was made by Allvana, from Artists & Clients.

I have no art skills so here is the best I could manage using tools others have suggested:

Colored Headshot:

Greyscale Full:

Grey0, what's that full color thing you used? Seems good.
That was HeroMachine 3.
Ooh, thx. Maybe will give it a shot.

laughs derisively

Whaaat?! That's awesome!

By Supermarket!

Slightly sharpened version for you as well.

"Don't ever talk to me or my cat eye glasses again."

Senseless violence? I don't know her! (I love getting art of my boy from this person! :-D)
Got a couple more![/img]

Credits to the incredibly talented Supermarket!

my boy

Not my art but an old SD graphic I saw today that I noticed wasn’t on here.

Here's another artwork of MY BOY. By cutbox on Artists and Clients. I honestly love getting individual artists' impressions on my character.

Anyone else feel like we need a character arts thread 3.0 soon? It's super long I can't find anything on it. ^^"
Anyone else feel like we need a character arts thread 3.0 soon? It's super long I can't find anything on it. ^^"
Sorry I have no idea how that double post happened. Lag maybe.

Wow I feel super tempted to hire your artist 'cut-box', they did a real good job! :O

I like their style.