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character arts thread 2.0
new and improved, maybe?

Hello! Just cause the other thread got so long, I was encouraged to start a new thread. Here we go. Some screenshots from Fallout 4 of how I sort of envisioned my guy.

PLEASE don't use the forum's upload function as it doesn't work


1. go to

2. upload your image there

3. copy the DIRECT URL link (it must end in .jpg, .png, or whatever extension your image is)

4. paste the DIRECT URL link between [img ] [/img ] tags, such as this: [img ]link[img /]

5. ????

6. profit

Lets hope I don't fuck this up, I promised myself I would be mildly productive today so here's a sketch.

Hopefully if this character's tailor see's this she won't be too mad at me for butchering her clothes heheh.


Nice style. No character names though please.

Oops, if someone wants to edit that out.. It doesn't look like we can edit our own posts.

Thanks by the way.

Edit: Not my art, just reference until I make some time to draw.

Concept Art / Comic character, from a friend of mine.

Interesting. I haven't had this problem before. I used the proper img in brackets with the jpg link.

I will try it another time:

Colored version

Am sure to some of you,he might be familiar.

2 things: 1. Sorry for bad camera quality. 2. Sorry for bad skills in traditional media!

Hah! Awesome stuff! :-D

Been a rough year.


Good shading and use of light in your colors.

All the pictures in both thread are neat! Nice job to the artists.

this will never stop being funny to me

None of these turned out the way I wanted them to :c


Thank you so much, I'm grinning like a handsome idiot

I want to make something of my own (if I can only find my damned Apple Pencil! :/), but for now I found something that feels very similar to my character. It's still a rather fresh character so you probably won't know it, maybe some people will have an idea once I can make my own drawing of him.

dayquil nightquil always drawing finequil

Coughs gently as it appears in the thread.

Remember to post in the Facebook Character Arts page if you'd be okay for these to be shared on the Sindome Facebook page!

Gotta love ill-fitting cheongsams. At least she looks happy.

Beautiful characters everyone! Keep it up! I'll get around to drawing mine after I finish the show Im designing.

My character Nevada, aka John Waterford, lines and color

ach, didn't realize no character names. someone can edit it out, maybe?

Ahhhh Jeannisti that's so freakin cool!

A friend's character

Thanks, Supermarket!

oops, retry of friend's character.


Loving this style, especially the clothes!

More, more, more!

Alright, another, a now-dead character:

I love your style! More!

Thanks for the responses, you guys! Ask and ye shall receive:

Nice, Diani!