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Threads that should be pinned
Post your suggestions here!

Hey All -

Now that we have the ability to pin threads, please respond with your suggestions for threads that you believe deserve to be pinned. Include a link to the thread(s) in your response. Please include your reasoning for why it deserves to be pinned.

Mainly I'm looking for threads that are going to be super relevant to new folks.

-- S

Instead of a giant list of pinned threads, how about one pinned thread that's "New Players: Useful Threads and Links"

This could be expanded to be more than just BGBB links and serve as a quick reference repository for those links because it never hurts to have more ways to access that info.


New Player Tutorial Videos

Being Successful on Sindome

Biggest Hurdles for New Players

Sindome on a Time Budget


How to Find & Generate Conflict Naturally

Description Workshop Thread

Posing Workshop Thread


Rules of Conduct

Newbie Guide

Video Tutorials

All Help Files

Global Map

Your Membership / Getting a Membership Pad


Sindome Quality Moments

Character Arts Thread

Art Commission Thread

Excellent idea!! I think that is the way we will go. Great call. Keep these threads coming.