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mood music?
for In gameness

I've noticed listening to music in certain rooms of the dome helps set the mood to it,

I.E. Carnal Desires i tend to play M.I.A.'s paper planes and remixes, with Young jeezy's Put on, UGK  etc etc, In the drome I'll listen to some Slayer, Modern life is war, Deftones, System of a down

What about you alls?

I just pull up my Zune and throw it on random anymore.  Usually listening to RATM, SOAD, Hed(pe), Everlast, Big Dumb Face, Powerman 5000, Nonpoint, various blues artists,  and every once in a while, the Boombox Saints will pop up.
Digital Gunfire
Woo, DG! Used to be on my old "music for the Sindome generation" list on @who... shame I don't have the list anymore. (But I still listen to DG)
I listen to Thieves Like Us/Play Music, it gives me some grit, without hurting my ears.

These songs in particular from that album; Drugs in My Body, Desire, Sugar and Song, are nice. It's basically hipster dance music though, so be warned.
I'm currently hitting up Nero's new album Welcome Reality. It's great soundtrack music, though not very ambient.

If you want to DL and check it out, has it for anyone to DL at


The boombox saints
Access to Arasaka

The Frontline Assembly

Deus Ex OST

Erdenstern Into the Gray album

I've shared it a few times, but I have a playlist I usually play SD to in order to set the mood. Mostly ambient cyberpunk BGM:

Found a guy who makes cyber-punky synth groove.

Deus Ex for life. Still one of the best cyberpunk games out there right now.

Deus Ex for life. Still one of the best cyberpunk games out there right now.

Stripper music, all day & everyday.
I like to go with Deus Ex: HR or the Blade Runner OST.
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked is Withmore's theme song. Or at the very least the Mix's. In my opinion, at least.
Some Emmure; Solar flare homicide, Bring a gun to school etc, children of cybertron etc. Slayer, Thy Art Is Murder, Borgore are all stuff I listen to depending on the mood+lyrics.
Nick Cave's Red Right Hand immediately came to mind. Pig/lounge industrial stuff.

Pole twirlin' music.

Lords of Acid.

Old school blues, the kind where the only joy is found in the bottom of a bottle or a sassy woman with a nice rump and baking skills.

Die Antwoord is pretty mood setting.

The Carpenter album is a good one too since it captures the feel of movies like Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China and other John Carpenter 80s fun.

Another one I like is Kavinsky for a synthy 80s vibe that fits well with the theme. Its particularly well if you prowl the streets on rainy nights.

So.. my (first?) contribution here is going to be firmly in the ‘synth / futurewave / outrun / retrofuture /’ genres of musics. I am a big music junkie so hopefully others can find some new music here they may enjoy. Basically, if you like the ‘Carpenter’ album or ‘Kavinsky’ as posted by Johnny, check out the below.

Here we go!


Industrial Strength Nightmares - Has an awesome contributor creating episodes as ‘Miami Knight’ which even feature a brief voice acting story thing in the intro. Very strongly recommended. Also a great pod if you are interested in Industrial and all its subgeners.

itunes —

website —


Future 80s -

30th Floor Vault -

Rosso Records -


Carpenter Brut -

Dan Terminus -

Dayglow Overdrive -

Glitch Black -

GosT - download their album Behemoth here - - bandcamp -]

Irving Force - [url]

Kaleido Drive -

Neon Shudder -

Street Cleaner -


Two tracks which I consider quintessentially cyberpunk but came out way back in the 90s. Personal favorites.

Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself -

Killout Trash - Signe Says -

And finally..

Ambient electronic - Cio D’or -

New release, Synth Fighters, from 30th Floor notable for fun tunes and album art. And yes, the first track does have Street Fighter samples.

if you're looking for something with less pace and more ambient -->
Have really been liking this album lately -->
Some Japanese music can fit:

Gackt & TM Revolution & Mucc to name a few.

Then there's Nightwish, Evanescense, Within Temptation, Zedd, Mitis, Crywolf for some more. (Latter are more electronic.)

If you're looking for more ambient and no vocals, I've got a playlist of close to a 100 BGMs I shuffle for Sindome when I play:

Some very nice, easy choices from Ghost in the Shell's library ...

Beauty Is Within Us:

Inner Universe:


Good By My Master:

Run Rabbit Junk:


Living Inside The Shell:

... Among many other great pieces.

A few more from Ghost In The Shell ...


Psychadelic Soul:

Banquet Firewall:


... And just the end to a favored villain, very CP (spoilers):

coming soon..

I tend to just click around on Spotify until I stumble on a playlist I can get into.

Though, in all honesty, I likely wouldn't have listed it if it didn't include some Dues Ex. Just can't get enough of that Human Revolution OST.

synthwave/outrun dedicated 24/7 radio station

Plan B - Ill mannors
Some Adventure Club. Some Zedd, Various Electronic genres and songs, Nightwish, Evanescense, Within Temptation, Gackt & Mucc. Asian Kung Fu Generation maybe?

Rise Against (Rise Against the Machine), Some Depeche Mode.

Ghost in the Shell

Go 80's and there is actually a very wide selection to choose from.

Red Sector A (Rush) & Invincible (Pat Benatar) for example.

Shekhinah & kyle deutsch - back to the beach (locals)


Some spotify playlists:

Sindome: Cyberpunk 2100

Sindome: Townhall October 2015

Sindome: Townhall April 2015

Subscribe and contribute!

Jordan Camolli & Killercats - I DO (Soundcloud)
Mark Dekoda - Darkness
My Rampage soundtrack:

XD haha!

I can Soooo see that.

Daughter - Youth
When I need to get into the Sindome mood, I like music by artists like:

Jeff Mills - especially the Waveform Transmissions series.

VNV Nation

Apoptygma Berzerk

Front 242

Jack Parrow - Ode To You
Good choices:

Depeche Mode


Joy Division

Bad choices:

Shiny Happy People by REM.

Strangely, Johnny Cash doesn't work at all.

Every name's an alias, in case somebody squeals.


"Bad choices: ... Strangely, Johnny Cash doesn't work at all."

I don't often listen to music and no, Johnny Cash doesn't come to mind for CP, but, since you brought him up, one song did pop into my mind right away.

"Hurt" and yes, it is originally recorded by NIN / Trent Reznor.

Both versions seem to fit from time to time. Could just be me though. - JC Version.

These two songs always remind me of the mix. They aren't "themely" and are a little old but are like...good montage music?

Dr. Dre ft. Game - Still

Notorious B.I.G - Juicy

Jackwooten - Jackwoot (Soundcloud)
G Eazy - Random. Its something I can imagine my character preaching.

Bobby Shmurda - Hot n*gga
Elitist - End game
Tate Langdon - That's My Boy
Tupac - Do for love
I usually listen to Spotify, a futuristic music playlist, actually I should stop youtube playlist now and switch back to it. heh.
When I'm trying to get inside my character's head/mood:

Juuust downloaded the spotify client to listen to the Futuristic Neo-Noir Cyberpunk playlist, It sounds like Terminator music, Bladerunner etc;
Born of Osiris - Machine
For the stakeout or the heist:
Born of Osiris - Recreate
You're being chased through unfriendly city streets by a relentless killer:

A dreadful sense of impending doom:

A long ride in a taxi or train, the skyline and your life flashing by:
Oops. Haha.
Neotokyo soundtrack, great for general atmosphere building.

688(I), for tenser situations.
Just about anything by Sleigh Bells lights my fire. Especially:

Born to Lose

Comeback Kid


Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda

Die Antwoord is the Mix personified.
Pilotpriest has a lot of great neoretro sounds that seem to go hand in hand with the game! The machines are learning. The daily grind, years slipping by. Slowly building epic style music for street sams or vigilantes. I'm a sucker for horns.
Awesome mood music for Red.

Club music for Red's Finest or Carnal:[/ur] The daily grind (in space)

I was expecting Blue Danube, but definitely not disappointed. Moon was an absolutely fantastic piece of cinema and the soundtrack is fantastic. Awesome choice, Kroack.
One of my favorite movies fultal. Sam Rockwell at his finest. For the waterworks. Are you really human? Prove it.

More space muzak.

Blue Stahli - Devil

And pretty much the whole "Devil" album.

Especially if you're in Red. (Red's Finest theme in my opinion.)

Corpie strutting themes

I find the Tron Legacy OST by Draft Punk fits really well anywhere,

Badlands adventuring.

As the world fell, each of us in our own way was broken. It was hard to know who was more crazy, me, or everyone else.
For those of us that don't want to watch YouTube or click random links... how about the new standard is...

Song Title - Artist - Link

Ace? Ace. Neo Tokyo - Perturbator. Perfect for any cyberpunk rave

"A Scanner Darkly Soundtrack" - Scored by Graham Reynolds, feat. the Golden Arm Trio

Made post earlier referencing the movie A Scanner Darkly (my character's appearance is vaguely based on Bob Arctor [Keanu Reeves] btw) so I looked up the soundtrack and found this awesome techno/ambiance cyberpunk music. Unsure of the actual name or artist, so I just used the youtube title and accredited the music to guy that made most of the music for the film. Not mood music as in it's for a particular place in Sindome but rather, I see it as being similar to (20)90's-00's techno music


Die Antwoord FTW - Always listen to this chica when I play!

Rich Bitch - Die Antwoord

Stranger Things Title Credits Theme on loop:

Tangerine Dream Love on a Real Train[/ur] For those lonely and not so lonely lev rides.

I gotta throw this kid out there again. Perturbator is pretty sick with his cybersynth styles.

It's hard to tell if this one's already been mentioned. I feel like it would have been, but just to be safe...

Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030:

Not only is it great musically, but it's also cyberpunk as shit. The lyrics might be a little distracting as background to sindome, but it's definitely thematic. Also worth a listen just focusing on the words.

There are a few good Cyberpunk, Synthwave/Neo-Noir playlists on Spotify that I put on while 'Doming.

Specific artists, however, that I like to listen to while playing would be Makeup and Vanity Set, Magic Sword, Dance with the Dead, Gunship and a few others. Some rap instrumentals that sample movie soundtracks from the 1980s work, too(Iron Galaxy by Cannibal Ox is a huge favorite of mine.)

Also, the soundtrack to Stranger Things and Blade Runner are good listenin'.


You're welcome.

In fact, the song "Running" by Makeup and Vanity Set makes me think of the dirty streets and neon lights of Red.

Daikaiju is a badass band ive seen live!
I've had this on repeat for days.

Everyone's character can relate to this at least once.
Not cyberpunk in particular, but I was watching westworld and they had this song on piano. I dunno, appealed to me.

Black Hole Sun Piano Soundgarden

Noir Nights, a cyberpunk noir soundtrack. Like the soudtrack to a film with a lot of different artists songs. All in the video description. Done pretty well.

Music from the new live action Ghost in the Shell trailer.
I am very new, but so far this, and it works for me.

I've seen it mentioned in the list earlier from last year, but honestly if you haven't listened to Carpenter Brut's album 'Trilogy' while playing SD you are doing yourself a disservice.

Sort of tangentially related to my previous post, the soundtrack for the game Furi is absolute heaven for matching to SD. Heavy hitters in the synthwave genre like Carpenter Brut, Danger and The Toxic Avenger put up original releases for the game's soundtrack.

Absolute must-listen tracks: Danger 6:24, You're Mine, My Only Chance

This is some shit I found back in my crust days. Straight up anti-establishment shit for all of our lovely Mixer chromers.

@ archive hell yes Deltron. That is the most CPAF album of all time. I -love- Deltron.
Because it hasn't been mentioned yet.
I've been playing with Transient by Synkro playing on a loop but I would also recommend anything by Perturbator, especially The Uncanny Valley (sooo good!!)
Saw this mentioned briefly earlier in the year, but the soundtrack for the HL2 mod Neotokyo is god-tier for this kind of theme. Both albums are available for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. - Neotokyo GSDF - Neotokyo NSF

Rainy day Dome blues



I listen to ULTRAnumb by Blue Stahli a lot while playing, but mostly I'll listen to Man o War's music.
Don't listen to Rabbit Junk on the new label, you'll die like, ASAP trying to RP to that (or I would, tested with multiple games). LOVE it though, SO loud and intense!

I do find the Ghost in the Shell GitS: SAC soundtracks to be a bit more laid back, I used to play them while keyrunning on Diablo 2 (which especially for Nihilithak or whatever you really need to be reserved and observant, the whole damn way through).

Probably shouldn't listen to these, either: Pitchshifter, Front Line Assembly, The Prodigy, Skinny Puppy, Pendulum... how many RPI deaths have I encountered while cranking this crap?.. it's probably related to "Well, you already know your character is going out, may as well dial it up to 11 and get into the groove."
Ok bud, here's one song from one of three albums:

Noodle (from Gorillaz) is fire.
This is probably what my character is into.

For DA MIX, Y00000W!

I just keep finding more and more fucking tracks.

More shit for the Mix.

NOT for the Mix, but yes, mood music:

Bansupuro Park:

Hard to go wrong with Ozzy or Black Sabbath. Paranoid and War Pigs get me thinking appropriately.
When you're character is completely off their face, accept no substitutes!

for when it's time to go in

Found alot of good mood music on this website. There is a good 50 hours of music so I haven't listened to most of it. A certain chicken has a new theme song.
For judges rolling in to take down some mixer scum

When you're making a deal and they want to know if your shit is right

The Grid is my plaything.

Music is from a pretty terribad movie, but this tune is fun and enjoyable.


This gets me in the mood for rolling into a club with flash in my pocket.

This gets me in the mood for rolling into a club with flash in my pocket.
Everything Is Going to Be Ok. Music from Prey.

From the end of the Blade Runner 2049 trailer.

I think Amon Tobin's music really fits the genre.
Something for everyone. Mostly Mix music. But even Mixers go Corpie, so just about anyone can relate to this music. This is just some of the stuff I listen to depending on the setting.

This video reminds me of the scene from Slither's book.

For when Piro goes off on a rant
For when Piro goes off on a rant
Bah. Now?

There's lots of good vaporwave/synthwave playlists on this (, a genre I think is great for that neo-80s cyberpunk feel.
Carpenter Brut is great, but I think someone already mentioned it. Also, Daft Punks soundtrack to their animated move Interstella 2021
Some of the best commercial free streaming stations, with stations to fit just about any mood, that I've found is
I've listened to this song for a while, but this is my new goto tune for San Mayo - I need to figure out how to make regular music seem like its playing from somewhere down the street and make an ambient playlist for when I go through the mix into different zones.
For all those true gangers:

More Mix music

Got that heat for the street.

Dance floor music! Discoslut by Audio Riot:
This is a pretty neat playlist for just general cyberpunk stuff.

This is what I use for theme music for Class Wars
Tame Impala's "Let It Happen" feels like something between a mood and a theme song, but since it isn't electronic, I'm posting it in the mood thread.

The lyrics can allude to a lot of things:


It's always around me, all this noise

But not nearly as loud as the voice saying

"Let it happen, let it happen (It's gonna feel so good)

Just let it happen, let it happen"

All this running around

Trying to cover my shadow

A notion growing inside

Now all the others seem shallow

All this running around

Bearing down on my shoulders

I can hear an alarm

It must be morning

I heard about a whirlwind that's coming 'round

It's gonna carry off all that isn't bound

And when it happens, when it happens (I won't be holding on)

So let it happen, let it happen

It's gonna feel so good

It's gonna feel so good

All this running around

I can't fight it much longer

Something's trying to get out

And it's never been closer

If my take-off fails

Make up some other story

But if I never come back

Tell my mother I'm sorry

Baby, now I'm ready, moving on

Oh but maybe I was ready all along

Oh I'm ready for the moment and the sound

Oh but maybe I was ready all along

The Blade Runner 2049 OST is on Spotify (and everywhere, etc.) today, and its fantastic/

Japanese blues from 1972, because we can't use synthwave and electro-swing for everything.

Music referenced but never outright said what it was:

Justice - Canon

Turbo Knight - Mirrorverse

Kavinsky - Nightcall

Pharrel ft Rihanna - Lemon

Lana Del Rey - Cherry

The Weeknd - KissLand

The Weeknd - King of the Fall

Tove Lo - Disco Tits

For those who are Mix and those who switched.

Just something to keep that Mixer mood going.
I keep listening to The Running Man theme lately:

Not exactly CP but funny from an Immy's perspective:

West Side Story's "America":

There's a self-stylized action hero 80s/90s Twitch streamer that has a pretty damn good playlist on Spotify:

@arm0r3r: YES. "America" is a perfect song for the immy/Mixer experience.
Light a bowl, kill somebody.

Electric Wizard - Time To Die

I'm shocked to see how little Perturbator is actually mentioned in this thread. To me, it's definitely mood setting for the Mix at least.
I love a lot of these, but I didn't notice anyone recommend Dope Stars Inc.[/url}

Don't let the name fool you, they are an italian cyberpunk/Industrial rock band. I love them. This is one of my favorite albums by them, 21st Century Slaves.

Used recently:

Lana Del Rey- Black Beauty (Kristijan Majic Remix)

Plus some future funk mixes for the "everything is totally okay and dreamy" intervals, like this one:

My ultimate SD song.

I feel like the Tekkonkinkreet OST matches the mood of the city as a whole for me, at least from my boy's perspective. Bleak, intense, and vulnerable.

This City:

This City Is Hell:


I think the Psybient genre works pretty well with Topside:
My personal synth/electronic action playlist:

Total Decay by The Soft Moon puts me in a really good frame of mind to walk around the mix.
Some mood music for getting high.



Having sex

Have fun, and only do street drugs on sindome! And fuck safely everywhere!

Elevator music.

teh Roosky Dancun mehn


Saxy Time

Dey Hoobits

Best Mood Music's right there.
In Withmore City -- everyone bears The Curse of Cain.

How some PC's live

For those nights where you just sit down with your ace kool and talk

This is the theme song for like 30 different NPCs I can name off the top of my head.

Decent playlist labeled 'Swagger':

Found another good playlist:

Synthwave - Movie Soundtracks

Don't see Machine Girl recommend here, so:

"If you like those crazy-ass Japanese movies, Machine Girl is definitely for you."

Cyberpunk is a literary genre but has spawned artistic movements as well. Machine Girl reminds me of Heaven4D's catsuit cyberpunk-inspired work. She used to have a virtual gallery with this type of music playing.

Machine Girl is <3.

I listen to a lot of Chemlab.

Industrial hip hop is pretty great too, Death Grips is usually a great fit.

Right now.

Other times.

When I want to feel all cyberpunk and drek.. (The entire album, and most of their early stuff)


(And most of their stuff, early or otherwise)

And just because it suits the current mood

Constant Makeup and Vanity Set. B) - When my character snaps because bakas like acting up. - When you realize your chummer a'int really your chummer, that this is what the road ahead looks like and now they're just another on your list. - A day in the life.
That drift video makes me miss my S13 - This has been my day one. Gets my head in the game. - Correct version. Disregard the above post I guess. Sorry for the double post.
I didn't see anyone say the OST from Tron Legacy. It's all done by Daft Punk and I like it for mostly ambient background music.

Ghostwerk - Corporate Assassin [Netrun]

For all the deckers!

For the mixers who play to lose and fly off into that bright white light.

to set the mood for your red sector joyride

Anything by Burial, but mostly his self-named album. Melancholy Mix music.
Oingo Boingo - Wild Sex (In The Working Class)

Tell me this isn't the theme song for sex fiend immies in SHI.

Leftfield - Universal Everything

Ross From Friends - Project Cybersyn

Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

Shygirl - Nasty

Gesaffelstein - Pursuit

Sisko Electrofanatik - Cocaine

Dave Clarke - Dirtbox

The next one is special, it’s by Ken Ishii, and the music video is directed by Koji Morimoto, one of the animators from Akira and The Animatrix, as well as being a key on Kiki’s Delivery Service and Fist of The North Star.

Ken Ishii - Extra

He also has a dope boiler room set:

Also any of the Belleville Three (Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May)

Kevin Saunderson x KiNK - Idyllic

I think, Pink Floyd has about a song for everything, and this is pretty good one for Sindome

Not exactly for Sindome in general, no.

But this is a big mood. At least for me.

Real doublepost hours

Thank me later

Go back to sleep.

This post is miscategorized and should have gone in Anything Really.

In the future miscategorized posts will be deleted.
This song which I linked in my character sound track post, just feels themely to me.

I used img tags... I'm good at computer.

When you're still a corpie wageslave/service mixer immy:
Style over Everything.

Style over Everything v2.

Master Boot Record - Floppy Disk Overdrive

One-man "electronic metal", featuring brilliant classical influence.

Oh good a mood music thread!

I've been trying to come up with an album of songs with a few for each major archetype.


Don't Get in My Way

Zack Hemsey


Pixel Affection



The Drive

Everyone You Know


Everything Black

Unlike Pluto



Theory of a Deadman

[MEDIA STAR/Corporate]

Cult of Dionysus

The Orion Experience

Blood and Money

The Orion Experience



Barnes Courtney

All my Friends Are Rich


When someone crosses your line and everything is in on the table for you:


That good old intrigue and conflict feel.

Still think this is another one of those, educational songs for Sindome...

"This country is controlled, the word free does not exist."

Get what you give, I always say, "Be careful who you trust"

A friendly shiv, a sad cliché, the disingenuous

If what you see is what you get, you show a second face

It's treachery in silhouette, so here's the coup de grâce

The quest for fame does not impress if that's the model trait

A petty game to dispossess who you manipulate

The veil is thin and minimal, the key to your success

The plan to win political, it's who you suck the best

Get what you give

Be careful who you trust
Stolen Babies - A year of Judges (With Lyrics)
Stumbled on this:

A Brave New Cyberpunk World:
This one's been on my mind lately.

My experiences formed this post, thus it is subject to variance based on how brave you might have been or how the world was presented to you initially.


My mood in the Early Game 2+ years ago now:

My mood shaped by the experiences in my characters middle times 1+ years ago now, and semi where I sit now:

My mood for where I think my character is going next:

I apparently used image tags for that first song.

Current big mood:


By Grimes ft. Aristophanes

Jams for the bad grlz and boiz

Evil Plans

Magic Bronson

Got a checklist baby

And I do it every day

I'm coming for you

Better get out of the way

Once is a mistake

Wouldn't do it twice

Wouldn't recognize me lately

I've been wearing a disguise

Just hiding, hiding, hiding

Purple Yellow Red and Blue

Portugal, The Man

When I grow up I wanna be

A movie star or on TV

'Cause workin' just don't work for me

But I can't focus feeling hopeless

So I'll just sit back, try to relieve

Purple Yellow Red redux

That was intended to be along with the text

VS has a party.

Current mood:

Nobody Speak - DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels

What more can I say? We top dealing it

Valiant without villainy

Viciously file victory

Burn towns and villages

Burning, looting and pillaging.

Murderers try to hurt us we curse them and all their children.

I just want the bread and bologna bundles to tuck away

I don't work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away

So tell baby Johnny and Mommy to get the fuck away

Hey yo here's a gun son now run get it the gutterway

Live to shoot another day

Current mood:

Nobody Speak - DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels

What more can I say? We top dealing it

Valiant without villainy

Viciously file victory

Burn towns and villages

Burning, looting and pillaging.

Murderers try to hurt us we curse them and all their children.

I just want the bread and bologna bundles to tuck away

I don't work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away

So tell baby Johnny and Mommy to get the fuck away

Hey yo here's a gun son now run get it the gutterway

Live to shoot another day

As above

The Digital, by Elephant Heart

Who you think taught me to hold a grudge

To withhold my love

To sit above, the people that are sinking

I know what your thinkin'

Who you think taught me

That love don't last

Live hard

Die young fast

Middle fingers in the air

How bout that

Monkey see monkey do