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Character Soundtracks.
It's a matter of music.

Here's a place to put any music you feel goes well with your character. Songs that play in the background of their life, songs to go with them when they're doing certain things, or in certain moods, all that.

I'll start with my character, Willheim.

Willheim: The day to day.

Willheim: Doing a real man's work.

Willheim: Guard duty.

Willheim: Goals in sight / Combat.

I don't think we're specifically supposed to say which character we are playing.

But I want to play too.

Interpersonal relationships:


Getting in over his head when he tries the above:

Interaction with the upper classes:

Stepping through the Mix:

Guard duty:

Ah. Uh. Would a kind mod mind editing my post to remove the name? And then, I suppose, delete this once that's done.

Lets get this goin' again, loser!

It would be entirely impossible for me to post songs relating to my character without broadcasting loudly and clearly who my character is.

So, instead I'll post the soundtrack that I listen to while playing, which isn't spoilers for my character:

Negotiating business:

Interpersonal relationships:

Interacting with the upper classes:

Stepping through the mix:


I have a 70+ song Sindome playlist, so I'll pick and choose:

Essential Character Anthem Song:

Doing Biz, Showing Off, and Owning the Room:

More entertaining, less intelligible video:

Tripping Balls, Partying Hard:

And it turns out everything else is way too embarrassing for public consumption. So. Three.

@MegaCop That "Nobody Speak" video might be the funniest MV i've seen in a looooong time. ba. Thanks for posting.

Doing stupid and dangerous things:

For hitting on people:

I can't really think of much else that won't give my character away

For my own character, although most of these won't make much sense without the context of their history.

‘Life’ – General theme -

‘Recollections’ – Thinking of the past and childhood -

‘The Incident’ – Is it still self-defence if you stab them eight times? -

‘Quiet Nights at Work’ – The quiet nights working the bar -

‘Persistent Baka’ – Falling in love -

‘One Too Many’ – When you drink a little too much -

Mein gott, Curt5, your Guard Duty one is actually the best.

Everything my character does at all times -

'Nuff said:

Going kamikaze, like...

During a street fight...

Let's give this a try...

Overall character theme:

Drug abuse / Failed plans :


Fighting(Heh) :

@fogchild1 - I laughed so hard when I saw what your fighting anthem was i almost peed. wtg.

Character theme:

Theme for when waking and life is as it should be:

For all those other times :) :

Coming here may have been a mistake.

My character's lil' theme, which she sings IC too.

I used to hang out with this one guy and this song is perfect for him.

Always comes to mind when I think of the Park.


Been kind of into this one lately when getting into the my char's head(aside from the last two to three weeks of virtual inactivity).

Conscience is a hell of a drug.

No matter how much people set her up, she'd always fold over in the end.



hands down favorite thing ever, maduk is a god, veela a goddess

I have a big playlist too, so here's a few that I think gives off my character's vibe:

This works for my character's interactions for the most part:

Some songs that fit my character.

Character's Theme:

To long at the bar:

When first entering the dome:

When the Boss has a BAD idea:

Life in Withmore:

My character every day at work.

That one exhausted me just watching it, Manywaters.


Muhahahahaha! How YOU all feel when my character is around.

This is fitting:

The fucking CARTOON.. it's so appropriate.

It's short. Just watch it.

I have several songs that fit my character. However, here's a few of the "big" ones that suit her best:

Ryder; Pretty Little Gangster:

Skylar Grey; Wreak Havoc:

Lox Chatterbox; Confess:

Thinking about life in the Dome

Thinking about his chica

I was torn between Chromatics, Running up that Hill--

Mainly because of the lyrics, they fit so well.

"So much hate for the ones we love?

Tell me, we both matter, don't we?"

And Scattle - Diode, Because it's a beautiful synth song with a lot of energy, literally no other reason.

this is more of an Admin soundtrack... havent seen her/him in a while though

Been listening to this one a lot while playing, so:

It's almost too on the nose.

This is a pretty dance-y synthwave mixtape that makes me think of Carnal Desires.

Perfect for daily brooding:

Perfect for daily brooding:*

the boards influence my suicide


Mellow Murder Music

This is a work in progress - both the character and the playlist:

This is a work in progress - both the character and the playlist:

Sorry! Forgot the link tags!

Sneak peek behind the scenes.

lemme try that again...

Suggested theme song for Genetek: Lifetime Achievement Award by Lemon Demon

"You are dead and buried, you are dead (Oh no)

That's being revised!

Even as we speak we're synthesizing blood and organs

Synthesizing heart and soul"

I love that, Supermarket. I was listening to this earlier, couldn't help but think of the Mix.

Hangman, we played

Double dutch with a hand grenade

Behind the church, hiding place

Apathetic to the Devil's face

I like that one too! This is another one I felt fit the overall life-cycle of Withmore--more about its crowds that rush around and its overall madness.

You can't remember where you're going / you can't remember where you came from is like... so on point for here.

Loved the song, Crooknose. Now I wonder who is your char.

one more

For those with Spotify, I'm working on getting the songs from this thread into a playlist.

Also made a 90-minute playlist to set the mood for anyone playing a boot-stomping Razorgrrl. A bit modern, a bit retro, a bit machine-human, and a good solid 30 minute chunk of ambient rainy streets in the middle. Been playing this the last couple of nights and tweaking track list to be best played in order.

Hope you enjoy.

Track list:

"Our Demons [pair of arrows remix]" - The Glitch Mob

"Kamikaze" - Walk The Moon

"Mirrorshades - /We Don't Take" - Information Society

"Human" - Sevdaliza

"Iron Sky" - Paolo Nutini

"Jungle is A Shapeshifter" - Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (34m)

"Empress" - Lakker

"Dreams" - ZHU, NERO

"Raise Hell" - Dorothy

"Blood In The Cut" - K.Flay

"Machine" - Misterwives

"Don't Call Me" - TOKiMONSTA ft. Yuna

"Play With Me" - Kaskade

"My Name is Human" - Highly Suspect

"Million Enemies" - Wavves

My character is a huge weeb deep down and they're low-key stressed and depressed at all time, so:

Modern Authoritarianism and intrigue

Life Track - Deliver that package, go back get another, repeat. A simple life but it's just not enough.

Casual Track - Drowning out everything else he imagines what a day without him in the dome would be like.

Battle Track - Things are getting a bit physical here.

Unexpected Turnabout - T-that was planned for!

A few that have been relevant for my character lately:

If you know, you know :D

Nominating Stromae's "Carmen" as SIC's theme song.

Are we allowed to call out a character by name if they're another person's? Because The Dismemberment Song is 100% perfect for a certain someone.[url]

1. When my character feels confident and ambitious.

Sydsnap - Yandere Dream

2. When my character is obsessed over a friend.

Overlord - LLL

3. When my character is having an intimate meeting with a friend at the bar, during times of peace.

Red Line - And it's so beautiful

4. When my character is having a cheerfully happy time with a group of friends.

Kill La Kill - Light your heart up

5. When my character is betrayed and/or killed.

Ling Tosite Sigure - White Silence

(Japanese Version)

(My favourite English version)

6. When my character is ready to take on life again after dying.

Re:Zero - Styx Helix - English Version by LeeandLie

7. When my character is really depressed and/or feeling guilty.

Irony - English Version by Lizz Robinett

8. When my character performs a miracle and regains confidence again.

Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress - 1COMA

9. When my character is plotting for revenge or revealing something dark to a friend.

Accel World - Blood History

10. When my character is struggling through life, and then meets up with an old friend again for a melancholic chat.

Re:Zero - Stay Alive

one regular and one melancholic :')


Let's try that again

So much has changed.

Not sure if this one has been offered up but, seems so Mix appropriate:


Nah but if I had to choose one to represent a particular characters mindset minute to minute..


I've posted the studio version of this song before but I like this live version even better. I picture my character with her hood up, pressed in against the masses of humanity on Sinn Street, side-stepping winos and junkies and cat-calling assholes, AVs buzzing overhead, neon pink and blue washing over everything.

Getting things done as a Corpie:

Especially the middle part where it breaks into rap.

I thought about this super hard for my person's theme song, and I simply cannot come up with anything serious. And I thought about this for months!

So, here's a slightly ooc and really funny one:

Omfg Supermarket. That's amazing.

Ha! Supermarket...that was awesome. :)

When you manage to be online when traffic isn't heavy

Ignoring your inner demons as a suit

Ambient music for the mix

I just had to

Coupla songs, that have been on my mind since this whole getting back to the game. Some IRL some IC related. Which are which, who knows. I doubt I even know.

Times change and so do people.